Essence and Energies for December
Perception and insight are the key essences this month. A 
resolution before the New Year is important.
Your powers of perception are sharp and this is a good time to
make wise decisions that encompass long and short-term goals and
which take account of the impact on people.
Your judgment can be relied upon to be excellent and you are fair
and decisive. Your ability to be in touch with and incorporate
group opinions will make your decisions and the way you go about
your job broadly acceptable, if not welcomed.
Use your essential ability to rationalize to resolve differences you
have had with family members, suppliers, or issues in your recent
past, in an amicable and mutually beneficial way: you are able to
be persuasive and forceful enough to ensure differences are
smoothed over and put to bed.
This will help end the year on a high with no lingering problems to
deal with next year.
Affirmation: "I see clearly to the heart of the matter, my mind is
unbiased and I seek fairness and resolution."
Focus: Settling Scores
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It's no time for putting your feet up, this is a time of transforming
the world about you and one of fierce conflicts and power
struggles. Helping others will give you a sense of power and bring
others with similar ambitions or struggles to your side.
Your ambitions are aroused and you want to get ahead: be it at
work or organizing your home environment. You are feeling like
the shackles have been lifted and thus you feel more empowered
than before.
While there is nothing wrong with your motivation and energy
level, you need to be more diplomatic in the way you go about
things – consult with others and let them know where they stand
and that their opinions and feelings matter.
If you fail to do this, you will waste energy dealing with
opposition. This can also be a time where you take on the big guy:
i.e., fighting a battle of principle or a battle of rights.
You may take the counsel to court over a parking fine, your boss
over unfair dismissal, or a company over an accident that was not
your fault – the theme is one of David versus Goliath where
Scorpio is David. Resist bullies and stand your ground.
Trends and Themes in Love
Single Virgos are feeling rather adventurous right now – you are
attracted to unusual people who are outside of your social circle.
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You may find yourself in uncharted romantic waters – but then
you do love to push the envelope as it appeals to your curious
It may be that relationships have become rather controlling or
restrictive recently. A deep discussion may have been put off as
you are both too busy, too rushed or there are more pressing
That good talk is way overdue: you need to set an evening aside to
talk to your partner about where you are at in the relationship:
what needs to change; how you can recapture romance; how you
can adjust to each other’s needs in a way which is fairer; and how
you can get more quality time together.
Enhancing love magic means you may have a need to get back to
basics: hearty home-cooked meals, soul food snuggled up by the
fire, and long walks holding hands with your partner.
The simple yet beautiful things in life are what is giving you
pleasure and for Virgo women, you are more in touch with your
feminine side and re-experiencing a side of motherhood and a 
traditional side of being a wife that is strangely satisfying.
Having respect for your partner’s values and principles and making
compromises on these issues will ensure a loving end to the year.

Opportunities: Sharing Your Experiences is Caring
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This is your opportunity to extend your potential or improve your
business by using your ability to create a very personal connection
with people, which can give you the edge in either providing for
them, giving them better service, or helping them.
You are an excellent judge of character, which means that you can
sense the weaknesses of others and use that to your advantage.
You should not do this in a negative, selfish way, but rather in a 
way whereby working with that person, you are both better off.
Your work may bring you into contact with environmental issues,
other people's families, or real estate deals.
You may help others using your own personal experience, i.e.,
former addictions or lessons learned from illness recovery or
weight loss.
You can be a powerful teacher or mentor this month, but the
lessons will be intensely personal: about your journey and what
you learned. Your own pain can help others going through the
same, so be inspired to share.
Challenges: Putting All Your Cards on The Table
Freedom is vital to Virgo, but you are also an easy-going mutable
sign who adapts – perhaps you have adapted too much and need to
drag some of the freedom and independence back into your life.
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Think seriously about your routines and which activities could be
dropped or made more efficient so that there is more time for you
to pursue your interests.
Virgos are not often confrontational unless you have a real reason
for a verbal outburst, but these outbursts may achieve nothing.
Slamming the door and going for a long walk may clear your head,
but is it constructive? You have swept some things under the
carpet and put up with others and now it is time for a long rational
talk when you are all calm, to lay down some new relationship or
family guidelines.
After this, tension will abate and you will be able to enjoy the
precious time you have together with your family at year-end
without the unsaid and unspoken issues creating a downer.
Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the
26th of December. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for
new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything
prospective, and being proactive. This is the action phase, with
details below:
This waxing phase is not ideal for spiritual or group activities.
Networking, political activities, and joining new organizations are
not generally advisable.
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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn from the 13th indicates that
from then on new romance, internet dating, long-distance love,
and novel social activities are not going to be as successful.
The Retrograde phase is also not ideal for brand-new creative or
artistic projects. Competitive activities and innovation are not as
likely to be successful.
Property matters, home improvements, and entertaining family in
your home is likely to be successful though. This a good time for
businesses involving tourism, catering, hospitality, and real estate.
Investing and money goals are lucky. A good time for purchasing
stock or new assets.
Long-term relationships get a boost.
Excellent for long-haul travel and international holidays. A 
positive time for advertising, publicity, and marketing.