Essence and Energies for November
The essence to embrace this month is novelty and excitement.
You must do things and go places that you have never tried or been
to before and life will suddenly feel freer, which is perfect for the
curious Virgo nature and can herald a feeling of renewal.
You should not accept rules or restrictions and those who try and
tie you down risk arousing the tiger in you as you have that quickwitted ability to deliver a stinging retort on display.
Although this is not a selfish energy, you have the potential to
change others as well. You wish to liberate people in your life and
convince them to hop on board and join your band of brothers.
You can be somewhat of a ring leader, stirring others to action, but
be careful what you start, as it may get out of control.
Affirmation: “I am capable of achieving anything I want.”
Focus: Knowing Your Red Lines and Your Priorities
No decision is straightforward as you will have to make many
personal sacrifices to get things that are important to you.
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In fact, the question may very well be, “What is more important to
You may have some soul-searching to do in order to decide what
matters most and what you should do next.
It may be that you have the job offer of a lifetime, but this may
mean moving far from family or perhaps having to be separated
from a spouse for longer periods due to travel which the job
involves – which is more important to you, the job and prospects
or family?
The choice is totally personal and you should make it without
influence. This November is about knowing yourself inside and out
and the better you know yourself, the easier the decisions this
month will be.
Sacrifices are often part and parcel of doing something worthwhile;
but then again, sometimes we have red lines in terms of what we
will sacrifice. We do not always think about what our ‘red lines’
are, but this month you may have to.
Trends and Themes in Love
Be prepared for relationships to be intense and complicated this
month. You can experience an unconscious and compulsive
attraction to another that baffles, yet excites you.
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In current relationships, you will experience strong reactions that
can be turned on and off quickly. Things that annoy you about
your partner will be even more annoying than usual and the things
you like will make you melt.
You can go from 0-100 in a few moments when it comes to feeling
sexual, as well as in terms of getting angry, but you are full of
passion either way.
Relationships can open you up and teach you more about yourself
this month; in fact, relationships are a forum for transformation
and the confrontation of issues that dog you.
Power struggles can be a manifestation of the energies this month;
they may be subtle. It is all about your partner’s insecurity about
his role given the changes he can sense in you and your more
assertive nature.
Opportunities: The Color of Money
This is a good month for money. If you believe in the power of
attraction, it is a great time to use that technique to draw resources
toward you. It is not just about money, it is also about having
access to facilities, clubs, or a company car that will enhance your
life or your ability to do your job.
A great deal of physical energy and positivity means you can take
on more than you can handle and still win. You have courage and
the courage of conviction, and goals usually have a monetary and a 
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spiritual element which means you feel it in your bones and your
timing is right.
While new goals can have quite substantial initial outgoings and
sunk costs in terms of material input and effort, there will be
encouraging signs from early on.
Financially, flexibility and fast decisions are needed and so you
may have to gather facts and digest figures quickly in order to
make the most of your opportunities.
Money can be made in media fields and through writing, so
whatever your current job or field of expertise, blogging or being
invited to contribute material is a good way to make extra cash or
publicize your business.
Business negotiations are a prominent feature of this month and
you may not be able to move forward until details are finalized.
While there are ideas abound, you may not quite know yet how
things will work out and thus cannot go forward and implement

Challenges: Keeping It in Proportion
You should try your very hardest not to judge others this month –
there is a boomerang effect where if you are seen to criticize or act
judgmental, things can turn around blowing up in your face and
making you look like a hypocrite.
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You need to remember that any goal (no matter how great) is
merely a phase in your personal development. For this reason, you
may find that once you attain a goal it does not mean as much to
you as you had thought and you are immediately thinking of the
next goal.
Virgo will experience lots of indecision in terms of money and you
must really think everything through. So don’t feel bad if you are
highly vacillating over money – the decisions are not
Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the
27th of November. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for
new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything
prospective, and being proactive. This is the action phase, with
details below:
This waxing phase is not ideal for spiritual and philosophical goals.
It's not great for meditation, retreats, or secret love affairs and
flings. You should be cautious about meeting new friends or
pursuing new romantic or networking goals.
This is not ideal for social, humanitarian, or political goals, also not
favorable for attending very large events.
This is a good time for entrepreneurship and brand-new activities
that are totally out of your experience. This is a good time for
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improving your image or your personal appearance.
Dating is favored.
It is also a good time for career development, new business
directions, dealing with authority, public relations, and public
Dealing with animals is not favored, and this is not a good month
for a radical new diet. Recruiting staff or outsourcing is not favored