Essence and Energies for October
The essence of this month is saying YES!
While communication, information, and career are strong themes
this month, you must act with solid intentions. This month you
can really knuckle down and make solid progress on life goals and
ambitions; suddenly the plans are no longer vague. It is like you got
the go-ahead.
It could be that you have been in a planning phase up until now:
applying for loans or grants, getting business plans together,
looking for premises, finding the right university, looking for a job,
and now this month you get the YES you were after and suddenly
the planning is over and you must go and do it for real.
This can also mark the end of a trial or probation period where you
were supervised to see if you could handle the role and it can also
mean the end of an apprenticeship or training period – you are
now ready to rumble!
Affirmation: "I have earned my stripes, I have done the hard work
and I'm ready to shine.”
Focus: One to One
October is a key time for important relationship decisions and you
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have to face these full-on. Any tensions or repressed emotions will
surface now and have to be dealt with honestly.
There is a great deal of determination to walk away or find a 
solution and so this is not a time when you dither or procrastinate
– you make a decision and you get right on with implementing.
The problems will not come out of the blue and so if your
relationship is fine, you will not get any nasty surprises. However,
if you have been struggling to get on, or you have been unhappy or
even suffering abuse, now it's time to say enough is enough.
Good relationships can improve and you may make important
decisions about your future which will help you re-engage with
your partner meaningfully, and thus, energize the relationship.
Trends and Themes in Love
You can be quite possessive in love and your pride is easily hurt by
rejection or lack of loyalty. Your standards for your partner are
high (maybe even unreasonable) and that can be quite restricting
for them.
You are protective over your partner and want to do things to win
them over, your energy when it comes to romance is high and you
are quite romantic.
Your passions are strongly stirred and your sex drive is high – in all
relationships, you will seek to improve the physical side and yet
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you may not be tender or patient.
New relationships start fast, as attraction is like striking a match
this month, your chart is all about action, so not much thought
goes into it which can mean obvious problems get overlooked and
your partner may wind up saying later on, "You never told me,"
and you will say, "But you never asked."
The main question is really, “why does it matter?” and can either of
you answer that.
Opportunities: Into the Light
You will have to jockey for position as this month your workplace
is very competitive. There are also many opportunities, however,
you may need to free yourself from restrictive commitments or
even contractual clauses in order to make the best use of the new
chances that present themselves.
So, the theme is getting free from past commitments and rolling
out new plans which can take you forward. You need to have a 
serious think about what it is in your work life that is holding you
back from being who and what you want to be – it is no longer
good enough to accept second best.
This is your time to step out of the shadows and assume a more
prominent role in which you can be creative, get the credit and
assume the responsibility.
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This month it's really important for you to let go and that can
mean letting go of material things and past attachments. This is an
excellent month for a total clear-out, embracing minimalism,
simplifying your office, and generally getting rid of anything you
no longer use.
It's important to free up space in your home, your office, or any
place where there's clutter developing, as this can be creating
energy blockages.
Right now, you’re waiting for something to happen and for new
energy to come into your life, but maybe there's something you
need to let go of first for this blessing to enter.
Challenges: Snap
Boundaries set by authority figures can be an issue for you – they
may limit your freedom of expression and even your ability to do 
your job.
In fact, this month you may have such a strong reaction to the
actions of an authority figure in your life that you may be spurred
on to do something quite impulsive and even radical for you, such
as packing your bags and leaving home, handing in a resignation,
dumping a client.
There is this feeling of climax like you have taken enough and are
not taking any more. We will all accept certain limitations or forms
of control as they make us feel secure, but this month the
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limitations you put up with for the sake of stability and continuity
will become so repressive and restrictive that they are counterproductive.
You will spontaneously strike out against anything in your life that
has become stifling and regimented and you may not even think
much about it – you may not even know one hour before that you
are going to snap, but something will just tip you over the edge and
you will decide enough is enough.