Essence and Energies for August
There is a strong desire in you to pay back favors, you have a 
peculiar sense of divine justice and you are keen to make ethical
and fair decisions as you feel like you are being judged and Karma
will not look kindly on you should you get it wrong.
In August, you will err on the side of caution and you will often
give more than you need to in any situation as you want to be sure
your slate is clean.
Studies that are of a religious or philosophical persuasion can be
very enlightening and you can find great reward in thinking about
your purpose as a person, your destiny and how you can change
the world in a positive way. You’ll want to get away from the rat
race and give back this August.
Affirmation: "I understand life is a cycle and I know that my
actions have consequences."

Focus: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right
This month you often feel pulled in two directions, you may feel in
the middle of two powerful opposing forces. In some cases, you are
put in this situation by people close to you, who want you to take
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You are fair-minded and can see both sides of a story, but you
would rather offer support or guidance than get involved directly.
However, it may be that people you know are at odds or even at
war legally or emotionally, and they are trying to drag you into
their mess.
You are very good at taking a step back and seeing things with
logic, not emotion, and you may be key to meditating and thus
bringing sense to a situation that has become out of control.
In both your work life and private life, you are a peacekeeper and
bridge builder, but it can be exhausting for you. So, as much as you
need people and company this month, you need time to pursue
individual hobbies or aims just to recapture your energy and sense
of sanity.
Trends and Themes in Love
Balance is something that is hard to achieve for you in
relationships this month, and part of the lesson is learning to
understand your relationships better so that you can achieve that
You are in a very motivated and energetic mood, you have goals
and you usually achieve them, however, you are also
accommodating and vulnerable to pleasing people.
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The danger for you this month is being used in both work and in
terms of personal relationships, as you tend to put your needs on
the back burner to go the extra mile for others, and this can
become a habit that is hard to break.
You may yield, compromise, and accommodate the needs and
wishes of others to your own detriment.
Now, I guess that could be good news for your partner on the
receiving end, but just like when you stretch a piece of elastic too
far or blow a balloon up to a bursting point, it will all pop at some
You often don't recognize immediately how imbalanced or unfair
your relationships with others have become, but you will, and that
discovery can have a marked impact on you.
You will begin to realize the psychological and even physical toll
these demanding relationships (be it work or family) take and you
will gather strength and begin to exert influence and reassert your
power in these situations.
Your partner may be able to help you identify the areas of your life
where you have begun to give compulsively without getting
anything or getting little back.
In new situations, you must learn not to overcommit or give your
all before you have seen what the other side is bringing to the
party, as not all relationships have the potential to be equal.
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Opportunities: Stand to Attention
This is a good time to enter a profession or to apply for some
accreditation in order to cement your status as an expert in your
If you have expert knowledge, you should promote that fact and
you may even become a pundit or get a media slot chatting about
your knowledge or informing others.
It is a very good time to publicize your blog or vlog and so you
should investigate ways to elevate your readership or subscriptions.
Sometimes to get noticed or achieve the success you must stick
your neck out and be bold with your opinions, so no sitting on the
fence this month.
You are very good at ignoring what does not suit your agenda and
that can be perfect in some careers where you need to focus on a 
particular outcome and steer everyone towards it, but it may not be
ideal if you are seen to be misleading others.
Your managerial ability will be enhanced as you are very definite
and decisive: your long-term, broad view actually helps with
continuity and purpose, even though you may need to delegate out
the details which don't interest you much.
Challenges: Don't Let The Sound Of Your Own Wheels Drive You
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If you want to achieve something, set the wheels in motion and do 
it yourself, as you will not be able to rely on support from the usual
places. It is best to avoid crowds, protests, or group activities as
these can be frustrating and feel pointless.
It's important not to play the blame game – it's easy to fall out with
friends, associates, or lovers over temporary disagreements.
Perhaps, in some cases, you feel that they are actively detracting
from or thwarting your plans, but it's not as big as you think and
certainly not worth ruining a friendship over.
No set of people agree all the time, and differences of opinion and
the odd bust-up should be seen as creative and even informative, so
simmer down and let your friends sit this one out if they cannot
support you.
Watch out for misplaced expectations in others – your judgment
about other people will be called into question.

Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th
of August. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new
initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything
prospective, and being proactive. This is the action phase, with
details below:
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This is an excellent time for positive visualization, affirmations,
and using positive thinking to supercharge your ambitions. It's a 
very important time for spiritual awareness and awakening, as well
as personal development.
Dreams will be particularly significant and maybe precognitive.
Your ESP will be enhanced as will your intuition and you need to
focus on spiritual awareness.
This is also a great time for retreats, goals involving groups, and
traveling with groups of people. Networking is likely to be
This is a great period for your finances, and your cash flow will
likely improve. It’s a positive month for investing, buying new
assets, and gaining new clients. A good month for financial analysis
and changes.
This is a great time for teaching, academic studies, and publishing.
Long-distance travel and international business relations are
favored, while relations with the in-laws can be improved.
A good period for property and home improvements, positive for
entertaining with the family and hosting family events or having
family over to stay.
Another excellent time for health, fitness, and medical matters. A 
good time to improve your health with alternative and holistic
means. A great time to start a new diet.
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This is not a good time to get married or engaged, however.
Venus is still Retrograde, indicating an important time for
resolving past issues, dealing with personal emotional trauma, and
a period to keep secrets and maintain privacy in relationships.