Essence and Energies for July
This month is an excellent time to get in touch with the hidden
sides of your own personality. It's important to understand your
dreams and themes that reoccur so that you can get more clues
about your unconscious and what it is trying to tell you.
This can be a powerful month for meditation, going on retreats, or
engaging in activities that help you to reflect and gain
Sometimes you like to go off by yourself: this is certainly a time
when independence is very important. You need to be a free spirit
and you may want to take a long road trip or just roam free, taking
long walks just to get away from it all and reconnect with your
Affirmation: "I chose to be free; I chose to be me."
Focus: Writing and Your Internal Conversation
This is an ideas-rich time, it's excellent for doing research and it's
also important creatively. This is the time when you may enjoy
working with music, writing poetry and even journaling can also
be a very important way to express yourself and to get in touch
with your true nature.
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While it's important to be determined and action-oriented this
month, it's also important to be a free thinker. It's all about doing
things where you feel a true connection to your own purpose, and
sometimes before you really launch into a new project, a period of
thoughtfulness, where you have time to work out your strategy
clearly, is very important.
This can be a good time to read through old correspondence, go
over an old journal you have, or contemplate the affairs of the past
few years because often that can give you valuable clues to the way
you should be going about achieving things now. It's essential to
human growth to learn from your past mistakes.
Trends and Themes in Love
Often this can be a slightly stressful time because you may feel that
you must be inauthentic or insincere. You may be thrust into
situations that really try your patience – it may be that you must
put up with a situation with a brave face and grin and bear it
It's important during this phase not to lose sight of who you really
are. You may feel that you have to be acquiescing or obsequious in
order to create calm in your personal relationships or in business,
and you mustn’t over-compromise or bend your values.
You and your partner may argue or bicker a lot more about day-today issues or priorities during this phase.
This month should be used to improve communication skills and
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interpersonal relationship techniques.
You may be confused about the state of your love life;
misunderstandings and a certain clash in terms of values and
priorities are likely to happen.
It's a time of jostling in relationships, you need to hold the line and
work towards balance in give and take. Don't be too peoplepleasing, but don't be selfish either. This is a period to work on
your relationships and improve understanding and cooperation.
Opportunities: Lights, Camera, Action!
Mars goes into Virgo this month and this is an excellent time to be
assertive and renew your efforts in terms of both sporting and
other personal goals. It's perfect for brand-new activities and for
initiatives that require audacity and courage.
This is an excellent time to be physically active, and embrace the
outdoors and even if you aren't exercising as such, you can do 
things that are more vigorous and involve movement and getting
around. You are quite motivated and restless, and you need
something that you can sink your teeth into.
This is an ideal time to initiate changes in your life and to show
other people you mean business. It's important to make your aims
clear and move ahead with determination. You should not allow
yourself to be deterred and you should avoid anything involving
excessive teamwork. Be an individual and have confidence in
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Challenges: You Can Go Your Own Way
Venus is in Leo this month; it's slowing down before it goes
Retrograde and this can present some challenges in relationships.
You may feel slightly more lonely or isolated and it may be harder
for you to get the kind of reassurance or support you need from a 
Knowing how to feed your own emotions and enjoy self-care is
very important right now. Often in relationships, you can be too
dependent on your partner for advice, reassurance, or comfort and
you will experience more difficulty in that regard right now.
The key during this phase is self-awareness and the ability to be
more of an individual without being so reliant on your partner
It's an important time to understand ways in which your current
relationship is inadequate, or alternatively if there are any ways in
which your partner undermines your confidence or arouses selfdoubt in your mind.
It's time to take ownership of your own life and your own feelings
and to be assertive in making your own decisions. You don’t always
need to look for approval from your partner.
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You need to prove yourself, know your own mind, and move
forward in a confident way, and the more you can do that, the
better your relationship can actually be.
It could be a time to add a little bit of distance to relationships,
especially where a partner is excessively critical of you, or using
subtle emotional manipulation. Don't give in to this – stay on your
own true path.
Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th of
July. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives,
setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective, and
being proactive. This is the action phase, with details below:
The waxing phase is not a great time for going on retreats or
delving into the occult. You should be wary of entering dangerous
vicinities or neighborhoods. It's not a good time for charitable or
voluntary work.
Mediation may be less helpful. You should be careful of new
contracts with larger corporate entities or government
Not a good time for double dating, new romance, or social
activities aimed at romance. Not a favorable time to work with
children or young people. Sporting and other competitive events
will likely be less successful.
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A good time to make a good impression or be persuasive. Excellent
for using ratio and reason. Favorable for exams, public speaking,
and communications-related activities. Great for new weight loss
or health improvement initiatives or physiotherapy.