Essence and Energies for June
This month the essence is flexibility, fun, and curiosity. One of the
strengths of Virgo is her ability to adapt quickly to changing
circumstances. Another one of your abilities is communication
skills and knowing how to strike the right notes with people.
So, I want to encourage you this month to be ready to debate and
engage with others, go to meetings, have discussions, and show
that you are willing to not only engage with people but to
incorporate their ideas.
This month you should have confidence in your ideas and you
should express them and make your mark. You have the ability to
have an impact, so make a statement, get involved in discussions,
and push your ideas forward – especially when they are related to
problem-solving in group situations. It's important to lead with
ideas not only in work but in your social life too.
This is a time when people are looking to you for advice and
guidance, so come out of the shadows and let your intelligence
shine through.
You may be the person who has to cut through all the nonsense
with some rational, reasonable thinking.
Affirmation: "I think clearly in dynamic situations and bring
reason to group situations."
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Focus: The Message
This is an excellent time for you to focus on the communication
side of your career. It may be a good time to send correspondence,
write letters or emails, send out résumés or update your social
media profiles.
It's very important now to have a bold and powerful message in
terms of getting ahead in your career or with whatever goals you
have set for yourself.
You must be certain of what your intention is and then you must
be effective in planning and moving ahead by communicating with
others effectively.
Now, all these are part and parcel of your nature, so should come
easy to you, but just remember that right now people have short
concentration spans and are being bombarded with information, so
you've really got to work hard to ensure that your message cuts
You'll have to make it accessible and understandable, so the key
right now is a laser-beam style of impactful communications to
supercharge your career or impress your superiors.
Trends and Themes in Love
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This is a month when you will tend to be more focused on personal
goals, your own needs, and the aspirations you have.
Sometimes you may have a vague sense that your partner is
holding you back, and that may cause a little bit of resentment, so
it's very important for you to think about whether your partner is
indeed holding you back and if there needs to be a discussion about
that, or whether it possibly just reflects your own anxiety which
you are projecting onto your partner.
This can be quite a tense month in relationships; you and your
partner may be slightly overtired and snippy with each other and
will be more likely to bicker.
It's unlikely either of you will want to broach important issues, but
sometimes it's just like an underlying level of frustration creeping
in, so it may be wise to have a little bit of space or a proper
discussion where you can both clear the air.
In both new and old relationships, you may feel that you are
working at cross-purposes with your partner.
Opportunities: Deep Velvet
This month you will have revealing and emotionally complex
interactions with other people, particularly in terms of love
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It's crucial not to underestimate the feelings or motivations of your
partner or new romantic interest, as it is very important to be
aware of games, manipulation, and hidden agendas on the part of
your partner – old, new, or even a business partner.
Not everything is what it seems right now – you must be observant
and alert, and play your cards close to your chest. You are likely to
feel very emotional during this period and relationships that don't
contain enough depth can feel unsatisfying and unfulfilling.
You may seek to stir things up or create controversy in your
relationships in order to get them to a new level that's deeper and
more authentic.
This is an excellent time for exploring the deeper aspects of your
love life in terms of your fantasy and sex life.
Challenges: For Everything, There Is a Season
Part of this month is working hard on projects that are not yet
ready to bear fruit, so while on one side of your career, you can be
quite visible and you may see fast results and receive recognition,
there are other aspects of your career which are just as important,
but which need to be worked on steadily in the background,
because they are not yet ripe.
It's a case of balancing your short-term and long-term ambitions
without compromising either.
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It's important to manage your energy levels as at times this month,
you can get a bit ahead of yourself; there is a tendency to race
ahead and not pace yourself.
It's also a time when you are more likely to experience inner
conflict, things may cause you to feel aggravated or there may be
more triggers that cause your blood pressure to rise.
So, you need ways to constructively release anger or verbalize
anything that is annoying you, because there are certain things this
month that will really get under your skin and you don't want this
to deplete your energy.
Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 18th of June to the 2nd of
July. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives,
setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective, and
being proactive. This is the action phase, with details below:
This is not the best month for spiritual or group-oriented goals, this
may also not be a good time for retreats or following any highly
alternative experimental, medical treatments.
This is a favorable time for career goals, job applications, and
putting proposals forward. It is also a time for business expansion
and totally new starts in fields that you haven’t attempted before.
This is a favorable time for recuperation, physiotherapy, and
improving your fitness.
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Financial matters, new investments, and the purchase of new
equipment for your business or large assets like cars, are not
This is not the best period for international trade, travel, or
This may not be a great zone for medical matters or for a brandnew diet or fitness routine. This is not a good time to join a gym. It
may also not be a good time for recruitment, union negotiations, or
This is a positive time for romance, creative affairs, and businesses
connected to entertainment and leisure. This is also a good month
for activities related to children, both personal and business