Essence and Energies for May
This month, the essence is expansion, awareness of opportunity,
and doing brand new things so that you can gain experience and
insight into different aspects of life.
It is very important to have an open mind and you have to be
happy to take a few risks – and when I say risks, I don't mean
acrobatics, skydiving, or gambling on the stock market, I simply
mean getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself by
setting the bar quite high.
This is a month when there can be some surprises and shocks, and
your preconceptions may be challenged. So, if you embrace the
month with the idea of learning, having a little bit of an adventure,
and enjoying a dynamic atmosphere, you will be all the better for
You don't want to go into this month with a rigid, boring mindset,
seek new ways of seeing the world, and look for circumstances that
don't fit in with your old paradigms.
Affirmation: "I face every new opportunity without flinching and I 
resolve to embrace and enjoy change."
Focus: Seeking Answers
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This is an excellent month for learning. It doesn't have to be the
sort of learning that comes from the classroom, it's learning in the
broadest sense of the word.
It could be through learning new skills, learning more about
people, learning about being competitive, learning in a 
promotional or marketing sense, or it can be traditional study at a 
college or university.
You need to apply yourself to seeking knowledge and answers. So,
if there's anything that you feel you need to master or learn to
improve your life, now is the time to do it.
This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your life through selfdevelopment. So if there are any courses, seminars, or training that
you want to undertake that you feel will help you to find your
aptitude or tap into your potential and become more confident,
this is an ideal time to do that.
This is a great time to embrace an alternate path, so if you are
interested in any alternative practices from alternative healing,
alternative political viewpoints, etc., this is the time to not follow
those with energy.
Trends and Themes in Love
Venus in Cancer is trining Saturn in Pisces, which means that this
is a good time for both new and old relationships.
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Emotions will likely stabilize, relationships will fall into a happy
pattern and it's a time when you could become closer, and even
difficult relationships should feel more harmonious.
This is quite a productive phase in love when you can work
together as there is a high level of cooperation and camaraderie.
It's very important to work on the friendship factor in love, it's
essential to be each other's companions. You should not be critical
of each other, you should be supportive as it's very important to
share each other's interests and to be mutually encouraging.
Keep in mind that, like everything in life, it always looks effortless
from the outside, but from couples dancing together, to tennis
players, to acrobatics, etc., everything in life takes a lot of hard
work, diligence, and perseverance to get it right.
Don't forget that even if your friends have seemingly effortless,
perfect relationships, there's always a lot of blood, sweat, and tears
behind the scenes, so don’t fall for that!

Opportunities: Crowds Are Your Crowning Glory
This month Virgos will be skilled at dealing with large groups of
people. You have excellent abilities when it comes to management
and mass media, so you are good at dealing with different people or
groups, not just in one location but in multiple.
This is an excellent time for those of you involved in
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communications, particularly software to help people
communicate. It's also excellent for those of you who are sound
engineers or technicians who deal with public address systems or
You may be more involved in setting up large-scale events. It can
be quite an exciting and nerve-racking period and you may have to
coordinate a lot of different people.
This is also an excellent time for using social media to drum up
support or create awareness. You may not use social media as such
for sales, but you can use it to publicize ideas, initiatives, and new
concepts that you are hoping to make people aware of.

Challenges: Thinking on Your Feet
This month you must learn and you have to learn quickly – and
you may also be required to think in different ways. You may have
to think in a way that is more lateral, more political, or more
This is an exciting time for those of you who enjoy the social
sciences, anthropology, and cultural experiences.
This is a time when you may travel suddenly, but travel can also be
tricky because of quickly changing political or economic situations.
Be sure that you have travel insurance and are ready for all
eventualities. Be prepared for long delays as well.
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Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 19th of May to the 3rd of
June. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives,
setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective, and
being proactive. This is the action phase, with details below:
This is not the best month for totally new activities, especially ones
that require a lot of confidence and physical energy.
This is not the most favorable month for a major career change, job
interviews, or putting proposals to the boss.
This is a good month for recruitment and outsourcing, as well as
for improving technology and efficiency in the workplace. This is
another good month for health and fitness goals, starting new diets,
and using holistic methods to improve health.
Home improvements and property matters are not favored this
month. This is not a good time to house hunt, move homes or
renovate your home to an extensive degree.
This is an excellent time for romance, brand-new relationships,
dating, and social occasions. A good time for planning
entertainment and leisure activities for personal enjoyment or
business, and an ideal time to work with children