Essence and Energies for April
The essence of this month is building strong foundations, you need
to focus on things that increase your inner strength.
Doing activities that require a lot of self-control can help increase
your sense of self-esteem, and this can make you more secure. So
sometimes sticking to a very strict diet or doing a rigorous exercise
or yoga routine at the same time and place every day can help give
you that feeling of control.
Virgos often like routines and rituals (in some ways you can be a 
little bit superstitious) and right now these routines and rituals can
add a great deal of stability to your life. They can bring order to
your thinking and they can help you to establish more security,
which in turn helps you to build a strong emotional foundation.
So the mission right now is about developing good routines and
positive mindsets, and getting into good habits that you can take
forward to reinforce self-improvement and create solid foundations
in your life.
Affirmation: "I resolve to develop a position and progressive new
habits and rituals which reinforce my inner strength."
Focus: Purging
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This month your focus is on cleansing and consolidation,
there are two things that you need to work on, and one of them is
Remember what I said about tidy house, tidy mind – it's important
to clear all the places in your home that you normally forget about
such as the attic, the basement, the shed in the backyard, etc.
We all have places where we stuff things away to be dealt with
another day. This applies to your home or office; there are places
where you hide away old paperwork or put things out of sight and
out of mind.
The focus this month is dealing with all those things that are
usually out of your daily thinking with a positive attitude, to get
rid of these things or deal with the various problems they
Secondly, it's especially important to deal with any sentimental
items or old correspondence with which there are emotional
It is quite important for you in April to purge certain thoughts and
people from your mind, and often getting rid of physical things
connected to certain events or people is a sign to the Universe that
you want to move on, and it can help you reinforce psychological
Trends and Themes in Love
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Your strength in love right now is your adaptability and your
compassion, but your weakness is that you are not clear enough on
what you want and you fail to assert your needs and when you
'wake up,' it may be too late.
You must be very careful right now not to lose your initiative, as it
is very easy to just sink passively into something where you
underestimate how far in you are and that there may be no turning
The key now is awareness, and so you need a boost emotionally or
else you can sleepwalk into a problem. Think self-protection in
relationships and don't be too heart-on-sleeve.
There is more of a rift in terms of values between you and your
partner than you realize and so you should keep a close eye on
what they say versus what they do. As often what they do,
especially in terms of money decisions, says more about their true
intentions or feelings than what they tell you.
In existing relationships, competitiveness can be a problem as it
grates, but in new relationships, it is quite stimulating and even
You will be the driving force in your new relationships where you
initiate events, activities, and sexual advances and you will demand
strong reciprocity. However, timing is a problem as your partner
may not share your high sex drive or they may be suffering from
fatigue which means they are not feeling their best.
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Opportunities: Whistle While You Work
This is an excellent month for personal growth, improving your
health, and personal diet and fitness goals.
January was good for establishing new dietary routines, but this is a 
great month to take it to the next level. This is an excellent time to
get more involved in the sporting world, either learning a new
sport or getting involved in some competitive outdoor activities.
This is a time when you will be able to make fast progress in your
work. Your job is probably more fulfilling and enjoyable partially
because there's expansion within the workplace and you may have
the opportunity to work with different people or travel to different
locations and there's a lifting of the tedium. You will get a chance
to try new things and learn as well.
This is not likely to be a time when you get a promotion or
advanced to a position of power, it's more that you will achieve
more job satisfaction. This is because your clients, customers, and
colleagues are either inspiring and kind or because the general vibe
at work is more conducive to happiness.
You're lucky to have more physical strength and vitality right now,
the only danger is you tend to be a little bit overly optimistic. You
mustn't push too far, or too fast in your personal training.
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Be careful not to have a spell of doing really well on your diet and
then throwing it all out the window with a heavy weekend of

Challenges: Don't Be a Follower
This month, Mars is in Cancer and Saturn is in Pisces.
This means that working with people can be a double-edged
sword; people can inspire and motivate you, but sometimes people
can also frustrate you and bring you down.
While in some cases being with certain people excites and enlivens
you, in some cases, people might seek to control you, and you have
to be careful of people who push you beyond your limits or who
encourage you to enter ill-advised situations.
It's very important for you to have a sense of your own limitations,
boundaries, and personal development level so that you don't rush
into situations simply because other people in the crowd are.
While other people can help motivate you, at other times, people
can lead you astray and you need to know the difference between
people who are projecting positive emotions that are helpful to
you, or people who are just looking for a partner in crime or a 
scapegoat. Know the difference.
Moon Magic
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The New Moon phase extends from the 20th of April to the 5th of
May. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives,
setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective, and
being proactive. This is the action phase, with details below:
The waxing phase is excellent for mass communications, social
media marketing, and journalism. Research and investigation are
more likely to be successful.
Internally, this is an excellent time for self-awareness and
Group goals and networking or social media marketing will be
supercharged. Market research is important during this period.
Mercury Retrograde in Taurus on the 21st means that a certain
amount of caution is needed in terms of public speaking and so
research must be solid, as you are under the microscope.
The Mercury Retrograde period does not favor job interviews, job
applications, new career moves, or dealing with authority. Shortdistance travel and IT projects are not favored either