Essence and Energies for March
This month is all about using your emotional intelligence, it's about
being more perceptive about other people and understanding who
they really are, and what inspires and motivates them.
Virgos are by nature quite critical – you are very canny and
analytical; thus, you are usually very good at spotting other
people's weaknesses and that trait can be particularly helpful this
It's vital not to take people at face value; appraise them, assess
them, and figure out from both a logical and intuitive standpoint
where they are coming from.
Remember to be a little bit detached both in relationships and
when meeting strangers. Don't allow people to play on your
emotions – stay vigilant, remain objective, and don't get distracted
when other people try to divert you with lies, illusions, drama, or
deceptive behavior.
Affirmation: "I rise above the emotions and angst of the moment
and I see the bigger picture."
Focus: Collaboration, Advice, and Teams
This is a very good month for working with people and
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collaborating, particularly on projects of an artistic or performance
However, when it comes to legal, financial, or practical matters,
then you need to choose who you work with very carefully.
In matters of entertainment, if things go wrong, it's not life and
death. You can choose to be more liberal and open-minded about
the sort of people you unite to work with or develop symbiotic
relationships with.
However, this is a more difficult time for working with people as
things can go wrong if there is deception or if people are simply
not up to it.
You'll have to really be careful about testing people to see if they
have the competency, because someone may, on the surface, look
like they know what they're doing, but when it comes down to it,
they might not.
This is not a good time of year to put your trust in experts or put
too much of your confidence or personal information into the
hands of an accountant, tax advisor, or lawyer because they may
not be able to complete the work or they may not have the
relevant qualifications.
So, you need to research very carefully before you hire people or
take the advice of an adviser.
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Trends and Themes in Love
Relationships are quite a minefield right now, and yet, what you
learn could be quite important. So there may be a sort of ah-ha
moment when somehow the penny drops and you receive clarity
on an issue in your relationship that used to be confusing.
It's very important in relationships not to be manipulated, your
partner may act in a certain way to engender more sympathy or to
get a certain emotional response from you, and while you should
be compassionate and empathetic – because there are real reasons
why your partner may be feeling upset – you must be careful not to
be drawn into a situation emotionally.
Maintain a little bit of your own balance and remain somewhat
aloof from the situation.
This is possibly not one of the best months of the year to get into a 
new relationship, particularly a long-distance relationship. You
simply will not have enough information about a person, and they
might not be forthcoming.
They could be outright deceptive or they could be guilty of errors
of omission in a new relationship.
So, while it's highly likely that you could become quite captivated
and almost infatuated with someone right now, you need to take
those rose-colored glasses off and see things for what they are,
otherwise, you could end up becoming disappointed or hurt.
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I'm not saying every relationship that comes along now is
essentially bad, there is the potential for a real soul union to
develop. But you shouldn't allow your heart to run away with you,
or commit yourself, because you need to be able to see it in the
cold light of day once the initial excitement has settled.

Opportunities: Reducing the Financial Burden
This month, Venus will be conjunct with Jupiter in Aries, and this
brings you a lot of luck. You may be fortunate financially, you may
receive a very large donation, you might increase your subscribers
or people may contribute to you.
In addition, you might be lucky enough to get a tax rebate or some
sort of grant from the government.
You may also be lucky enough to be able to consolidate debt to
make it more manageable. This is certainly a month when you
should seek out opportunities to reduce your debt, if you have a lot
of debt, and get advice that is available to you.
This is a lucky month in terms of getting enough money to get you
out of a tight squeeze, to get you by, or to raise money for a new
business venture.
So even though things are quite difficult in 2023 in most countries
with the economy, with a little bit of ingenuity, research, and
audacity, you can probably manage to get your financial needs met
by exploring the options and being a little bit creative.
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It is often the case that money comes to you through other people,
I've already mentioned tips, donations, prizes, dividends,
subscriptions, and royalties.

Challenges: Getting Out of the Way
This can be a time when you have to deal with a lot of uncertainty
and confusion, and you tend to doubt yourself as often there are
not enough facts for you to reach a conclusion logically.
This is one of those times when you have to trust your gut instinct,
tap into your intuition and just use your powers of observation and
understanding of human nature to navigate certain situations.
It's very important not to become too involved or central to things,
as by taking a step back and looking in from the outside you get a 
better perspective of how the dynamics work.
So, when you are finding a situation really difficult, it may be at
work, within your family or your relationships, you've just got to
put yourself in the position of a third person looking on, and try to
observe it with that in mind, and you may find you get lots of
You shouldn't take other people too seriously right now. People in
your life may act in a way that demoralizes you, confuses you, or
acts very ambiguous and erratic, but don't take it onboard yourself.
Take people how you find them and don't make too many
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assumptions or you will be disappointed.
This is a good time to avoid confrontation, be diplomatic, and try
to avoid people who have domineering tendencies.
Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 21st of March to the 6th of
April. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new
initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything
prospective, and being proactive. This is the action phase, with
details below:
The waxing phase is excellent for financial wheeling and dealing
and arranging your affairs.
Romantic matters and love relationships are favored. A good period
for dating and social activities. Artistic endeavors and creative
expression will be enhanced. Teaching and coaching children are
more likely to be successful. A good time for the invention and
development of apps.
Not a good time to get married or engaged. Also, not a good time
for new business partnerships.
This is not a good time for major changes to the way you earn
money to change from fixed to a commission. You should be
careful of buying major new assets for your business or currency
and crypto trading.
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Not as good for long-haul travel, publishing, or starting an
academic course. Advertising and promotion are less likely to be