Essence and Energies for February
This month you need to focus on the satisfaction of a job well
done. To dominate your chosen profession or be more competitive,
you need to be able to stay at the pace of the race, but that doesn't
mean that you have to go out in front or always lead, it means
staying with the pack and then seizing your opportunity when the
time arises.
You need to be patient and wise in your sense of timing, as it's
confidence-boosting if you can strive towards a goal, withstand the
challenges, stay focused and in control, and then use a strong sense
of willpower and your own knowledge to grab the prize.
This month it's all about knowing the ideal time to seize a victory
and then not being afraid to go for it.
So work hard, and be ambitious!
Affirmation: "I have the courage and confidence to weather the
storms, stay in the hunt and reach my personal pinnacle."
Focus: Fight for Your Right
This month poses dilemmas because while it's important to be
dedicated to upholding obligations in terms of work and family
life, it is also very important to look after yourself.
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It's vital that you are assertive in your personal and professional
life; you don't want others to trample over you, and you want to
stand up for yourself but you don't want to start conflicts.
So it's all about drawing strong boundaries and not allowing people
to impose on you, and at the same time, developing more courage
in demanding what is rightfully yours.
This is a time when you want to impress on others that you will
not be taken for granted, that you know your rights and you
understand when you are being walked all over.
There is a sense this month that you need to prevail, have faith in
yourself, understand who you fundamentally are, and have a clear
sense of being deserving and worthy. This will help you to be more
ambitious in all walks of life and more able to assert your rights.
It is also a time to be more in tune with your aggressive impulses.
Virgos tend to ignore the value of being a little bit pushy and
domineering at times, but it is certainly an opportunity this month
to get in touch with your firecracker energy.
Trends and Themes in Love
This is an excellent month for renewing romance in terms of
marriages, and it's an ideal time to arrange date nights or a chance
for you and your partner to get away from it all.
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This is definitely one of those times when you should let your
emotions and affection do the talking – don't arrange date nights
that require an awful lot of chatting, entertaining friends, or which
are high impact in terms of being demanding with respect to
arranging or having to keep up the conversation.
Arrange some free time and then embark on a date that's enticing,
unpredictable, sentimental, relaxing, and one where you have your
imaginations aroused. So ideal date nights are definitely theater or
musical events.
Alternatively, just staying at home for a quiet and easy dinner, and
then maybe reading some erotic literature together would be ideal.
The key is learning to enjoy your partner's company again in a 
relaxed environment, and letting that lead the way to renew a 
physical and emotional bond.
The key is a no-pressure environment; you don't want to be
forcing each other into situations where a lot of insincerity or
pretense is involved. It's a case of circulating love back into the
relationship by making the ambiance conducive through
harmonious, pleasant, and relaxed time spent together.
This can be an excellent time for new relationships. For single
Virgo women, your confidence is quite high right now, you’re
enjoying meeting people and you tend to be more noticeable on
the social scene, so you should have no problem grabbing the
attention of new potential partners.
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Opportunities: Reaching Out, Caring, and Sharing
This month there are excellent opportunities for Virgos who work
in health and wellness or fitness spheres, and careers where you
work very closely supporting or caring for people.
You tend to have strong perceptive powers backed by a lot of
common sense, which helps you to make good decisions,
particularly where it relates to other people.
People-oriented careers will likely be very satisfying right now
because you will receive good feedback and experience a lot of love
from other people.
Your work should be more rewarding and you could have a chance
to work with people who are a lot more pleasant and who respond
well to your treatment because there is a good two-way energy
This is definitely a great month for meeting new people who can
give you advice or who can offer complementary skills to your
work. It's very important not to feel isolated – if there's anything
you don't understand, reach out, because support is available right
So, don't be shy or stubborn, it's beneficial for you and others to
unite often to receive advice, but you also have the advice to give
others and there can be a very helpful exchange.
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Challenges: Fixation
One of the things you should be aware of is any compulsive
obsessive thoughts. It's important to stop your mind and your
imagination from running away with you.
There are times this month when you can throw too much focus in
one direction and not enough in another. It is very important to
seek balance and moderation, remember the saying, 'too much of a 
good thing.'
This month be aware of using your time wisely, it's important to
know when you have thrown enough at a problem. You either
need to quit, change your focus, or sometimes start again.
It's definitely a time to avoid flogging dead horses: just because
you've invested a lot of time in something doesn't mean it's a good
idea to keep throwing good money or good time after bad.
While you have great tenacity and ability to solve problems,
sometimes you do tend to work in a way that is a little bit selfdefeating, but as long as you can be aware of that and avoid it, this
month should be incredibly productive.
Moon Magic
The New Moon phase extends from the 20th of February to the 7th
of March. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new
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initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything
prospective, and being proactive. This is the action phase, with
details below:
The waxing phase is excellent for new fitness routines and weight
loss or dietary goals. A good time to join a gym. This is a great time
for streamlining and getting more organized to make the year more
efficient. Delegating and outsourcing can be good avenues of
activity. A good period to recruit.
Sexual understanding and better intimate communication in
relationships are likely. An excellent time to improve your sex life.
Debt and financial matters may see improvement. There can be
luck in receiving gifts, donations, tips, and unexpected income. A 
good time for discussion about money matters and savings goals in
your marriage.
Better psychological awareness and content will lead to the
resolution of anxiety and fear.