Tajemství mužů Býků

Decoding the Secrets of the Taurus Man
I’d like to take a moment before we get started to tell you why I 
began my journey. You may not believe this but, at first, I was
extremely skeptical of astrology. It’s true!
When I was young, I found myself in a relationship with a Taurus
man. You know, it’s funny, because he was everything people say
they are; tenacious, hardworking, and oh so sensual. I later found
that tenacity could also be incredible stubbornness, that his
hardworking nature also had a lazier side, and his sensuality ran
hot and cold. I know you’re nodding right now. These men are
perplexing! It was just like he had two sides, which, being a 
Gemini, you’d think I could handle. I was wrong. I was also wrong
in thinking he had two sides.
On a college break, my mother decided that I should vacation in
Romania. My family emigrated from there to Boston when she
was just a little girl. She felt it would be a good idea for me to get
in touch with my heritage and meet some of my family there.
At first I was hesitant to go, because I didn’t want to leave my
boyfriend behind and I had a project I was working on for my
theology course with a study buddy. I went back to college, we got
high praise for the project, and I finished out the term. Then,
something happened that changed everything.
After months of what seemed like the most perfect relationship,
my Taurus boyfriend just stopped talking to me. The past few
weeks had been strange; every time I would talk about the project
I was working on, he’d grow silent and sullen. I reassured him
constantly that my study partner was just that and nothing more,
but I could tell he was jealous. He didn’t lash out or anything, like
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boyfriends in the past had done, he just grew very cold and
Then, finally, he ended things. Over the phone! He called me and
told me that he just didn’t think things were working out, and that
was that. So, I told my mother I’d be happy to go to Romania, if
the offer was still open. Turns out, she was right – a change of
pace would do me so much good, and it actually would change
my life!
On the plane, I went over what had happened in my mind so
many times. I wanted to be over him, but something just stuck
with me. I knew that getting over breakups takes time, but at this
point, it had been a few months. I thought that at least by now I 
wouldn’t cry when I thought about it, but there I was, trying not to
let people see me upset on the plane.
After a handful of layovers and a long trip, I finally landed in
Romania. I first arrived by way of Otopeni, which is just slightly
north of Bucharest. I had no idea how many stops this trip would
But this was not the only big surprise I was in store for. From
there, I took a train, then a bus, and finally, arrived in Vernesti,
where my aunt was waiting to pick me up. Together, we travelled
to Soresti, where she lived. It’s a short drive, only about a half an
hour. Even as I enjoyed the scenery along the way, she could tell I 
was troubled. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her about
my relationship and how it had ended. She nodded, and smiled.
“What sign is he?”
When I told her that he was a Taurus, she laughed. I couldn’t
believe it; I had poured out my soul about this breakup, and she
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was cracking up at me. I must have looked puzzled because she
started to tell me details about him that I hadn’t even told her! It
was like she’d been there all along.
I didn’t know it then, because I had not seen my aunt since I was
a little girl, but astrology is actually very big in Romania. Once we
got to her house after settling in, I’d flipped on the television to
see ad after ad for astrologers. Late night television was literally
awash with different psychics, homeopathic remedies, and of
course, astrologers.
My aunt was not one of those on TV., but because of the comfort
of her home, I knew she must be doing pretty well. Still skeptical, I 
went to get a glass of water and found her sitting in the kitchen.
That was when we had a talk that would change my life, forever.
As it turned out, my aunt was a very well-known astrologer. She
had been practicing for decades, and she told me of the many
clients she’d helped through their troubles. She even had some
celebrities on her roster! Some would fly in from all over the world,
just to seek her counsel.
Of course at the time I was still skeptical but that was when I 
began studying the craft myself. After all, once she had his
complete birth information, she drafted his chart and told me
things that were so true. She also told me things I hadn’t really
considered, but which made so much sense. She then showed
me how my chart interacted with his in what’s known as a 
synastry report and my mind was absolutely blown!
Of course, as a Gemini woman, on basic levels we are not all that
compatible with Taurus men. However, armed with a new
understanding and just a bit more hope, when I left to go home I 
was ready.
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When I got home, I called him. I was amazed at the incredibly
long conversation we had! With my new understanding of Taurus
men–even just the little I had learned during that time away–I
knew more about him than ever.
He seemed shocked at how well I “got him” now, when before,
he’d felt I hadn’t truly understood him at all. That was why we’d
broken up; because he had felt insecure about things and he just
didn’t think that we were a match. After that conversation he
seemed to have a change of heart–something that’s hard to get a 
Taurus man to do–and at the end of our talk, he asked if I wanted
to meet for coffee.
Now, this guide to Taurus men is special for many reasons and it
truly hits close to home. You see, not only did the entire thing lead
to my learning astrology, but it changed my life in other ways, too.
For the next few years, I went back to visit my aunt so many
times. I took seminars in the States, and I learned so much about
astrology. This became a calling and, well, it turned into a career
helping others better understand not only each other, but
themselves as well.
So, what happened with my Taurus man and what else about all
of this changed my life? In those years, my Taurus man was by
my side. Our love was deeper and stronger than ever. Of
course, our sex life had always been out of this world, but now it
was more sensual and passionate.
We had many more long talks into the night, and after two years,
he asked me to marry him. Of course, we did the work to grow our
relationship, but using astrology to better understand it all was
what had made it happen when it seemed there was no hope at
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My aunt was my matron of honor and the wedding itself was
absolutely beautiful – and, of course, the honeymoon sex was
hotter than any other sex I’d ever had! Our relationship still has its
ups and downs, but because we both understand one another
so much better, it’s strong, steadfast, and more than I had ever
dreamed love could be!
In the course of my work, I have gotten so many emails from
distraught men and women who just cannot understand their
I have talked with countless people about how to use astrology to
help better their relationships, know themselves better, and, of
course, get to really understand their partners. It is in this spirit
that I hope this book helps you to have a stronger understanding
of what makes Taurus men tick. Best of luck!
Anna Kovach

Just the basics
Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is often referred to as
The Bull, meant to look like a bull’s head with horns. This is
because the sign gets its origins from the Mesopotamians. The
particular myth it is based on is that of the Bull of Heaven.
The season this sign rules is springtime, and its ruler is the planet
Venus, but its element is Earth. The color most often associated
with Taurus is green, and the stone is, not surprisingly, emerald.
This sign rules the neck and throat.
But what does this all mean?
As I go through these explanations, understand that your
horoscope is so much more than your sun sign or any one
influence. In your natal chart, and anyone’s natal chart, there are
many, many aspects at play and there is not one single aspect
that defines everything. So, you put it all together as a whole.
However, it all begins with the sun sign.
The Sun in Astrology
Of course, we’ve all heard the pick-up line, ‘what’s your sign?’.
We are all also familiar with our horoscopes as we see them
everywhere. This is a good place to begin and there is good
reason for the popularity of this particular aspect.
This is because we can usually easily obtain someone’s birthday
to get a peek at what’s going on in their lives. You probably know
that the other planets in our solar system move around the Sun.
So, astrology works in a similar way.
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The Sun is often referred to as the life giving force–and in
astrology, this is where we find information about our conscious
mind. The will to live, our personality, and the face we show to the
world. The Sun in our charts represents our ego and our basic
identity. So, when someone calls themselves a “Taurus” or a 
“Gemini” or, any other sign, this is what they are referring to.
Because all of the other influences at play in your chart will work
with the Sun; the Sun is the basis, but it’s a part of a much
bigger overall puzzle. If you’ve ever wondered why it is that
sometimes people really don’t seem like their sign or why your
horoscope seems too general, that’s why. Because while this is
the sort of foundation, it’s really not the whole house, so to speak.
Now, I will be using a lot of terms throughout this book, and I’d like
to give you just a brief glimpse of what some of these terms
mean. This will help you to better understand how we can use
astrology to not only attract a mate, Taurus or anyone else, but
the other ways in which you can use it to empower yourself to
live a happier, more abundant life.
What Is a Natal Chart?
Whenever you see things that reference getting a ‘chart done’, or
a ‘natal chart’ or a ‘birth chart’, people are talking about a 
specialized horoscope. This is an astrological chart that has
been created based on your exact time, place, and location of
birth. This can give you a very deep look at a person’s
motivations, their backgrounds, their character, and their
personality. We do this by analyzing the position of each aspect–
planets and other things–and the astrological houses that come
into play.
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The most basic foundations of these charts are the zodiac signs,
the planets, and the houses they fall into. You see, your birth chart
is a very large wheel, with another wheel within it. The outer
wheel is the signs while the inner wheel is the houses. Think
about it this way; those planets that are moving through your
chart–or your Taurus man’s chart–they’re more the what, whereas
the signs are the how, and then the houses are the where.
Fixed Signs Vs. Mutable Signs Vs. Cardinal Signs
As I mentioned before, you may already know that your Taurus
man is a very stubborn, hard-headed sort. Fixed sign, all the way!
The signs are classified as “fixed” or “mutable” and they tend to
carry different characteristics. This upholds a sort of universal
balance in play. Fixed signs’ roles in the universe are to be more
responsible, set and reach goals, maintain things, and in general
they’re just the stabilizers of the zodiac.
Your Taurus, being born under a fixed sign and being ruled by
Earth, has a keen focus on obtaining things and even people.
He’ll likely be very protective of you, as he is with the things he’s
earned. These men also have extremely sensual nature, due to
that Venus influence I mentioned earlier.
Putting this all together, you’ve got yourself a very sensual male
who loves to be able to smell, touch, taste, hold, and, yes, to
own. He will, however, usually have just as much respect for
those things that you earned as he does for his own things –
because his temperament is that of a stable protector.
People with fixed signs are solid to a fault at times. With an innate
understanding that slow and steady wins the race, they will
typically be people who can work steadily towards their goals.
They don’t find a whole lot of struggle in keeping things going to
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conclusion, but might have a little bit of a hard time getting
Looking at that group of signs, you might note that a couple of
them are seemingly as different as night and day. However, if you
understand that the attributes at their core are what put them in
the same grouping, it makes a bit more sense.
While a Leo man (also a fixed sign) might be flashier than a 
Taurus, there is no denying that both of those signs possess a 
deep will, a stubbornness and a very ‘my way or the highway’
approach to life. People born under fixed signs are also known
to be persistent, reliable, and absolutely determined to meet
their goals - once they have them.
Now that we understand the basics a little better, let’s take a look
at a brief overview of your Taurus man.

Understanding Taurus, The Bull
You may be familiar with how people use that symbol of the Bull
as a sort of indication of power, virility, and strength. We know
that if you leave a bull alone in a field it will be happy to just hang
out, eating and being comfortable. However, if you wave a red
flag or provoke one of these animals - look out! That powerful
animal can and will charge with ferocity!
Taurus men are really not much different. Most people who have
been around a Taurus for any amount of time can tell you how
calming they are, how stable–but will readily tell you that if you
mess with the bull, you are definitely going to get those
And of course, we all know that in the beginning, it can really
seem that there’s something very stable, reliable, and just plain
solid about a Taurus guy. They do seem to be so dependable and
also seem to be creatures of habit.
And even more than that–they are incredibly sensual. I’ll get
more into this as we explore Taurus men. Sensuality, however,
encompasses so much more than just sex–it’s pleasure in
general. They adore good food, wonderful smells, comforting
clothes and bedding, and they’ll love admiring all the beautiful
things that surround them.
Everyone loves the finer things in life, but a Taurus will take this
up a notch–and it’s a deeply intrinsic part of their overall
personality and how they view themselves. They are literally
sense-ual, as in, guided almost entirely by their senses.
The upshot of all of this is that once you get a bull moving on
something, there is very little that will stop him. When Taurus
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men play, they play hard. When they rest, they rest deeply.
When they work...they also work very, very hard.
When, though. If you’re expecting something to happen fast, you
might want to look elsewhere than a Taurus–because though they
are hard-working at times, they aren’t particularly fast working.
This is the other side of that coin–dependability tends to mean
something steadier and less hurried.
Because Taurus is well known for loving comfort and being pretty
fixed in place, they can often come across as being lazy. One of
the reasons is their tendency to keep work completely separate
from play or leisure.
So, you’ll have someone who is incredibly relaxed and if that’s all
you see, you might imagine that the Taurus you know is lazy, until
you see them working. The biggest problem there is that once
they are relaxed and comfortable they don’t particularly want to be
anything else, so getting them started can be problematic.
This also unfortunately holds true on all fronts; physical, mental,
and emotional. They like to stay in those comfort zones–
whether it’s a warm, clean bed with fluffy pillows or a mindset that
might actually not be doing them a whole lot of good.
They come by that reputation for stubbornness very honestly!
They want to put down roots from which they can then be
comfortable–not realizing that being rooted sometimes means
stifling their growth. That doesn’t mean they can’t, it just means
that it takes a little doing.
Another area of conflict most find in Taurus types:
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Believe me; if you’ve felt like your Taurus just doesn’t care
because they never seem jealous and then you are completely
thrown off-guard by a sudden bout of the green-eyed monster,
you are not alone.
Though not the type to engage in petty jealousy, sometimes their
possessive nature does in fact extend to those they care about. If
someone threatens that–even the person they feel is “theirs”–look
out. Things can get pretty tense, pretty quickly. In order to engage
in a more serious relationship with any Taurus, you’ll definitely
need to understand that there is a big difference between
jealousy and possessiveness.
An Earth Sign with a Venus Twist
So, in astrology, the aspects are often assigned to Elements.
These elements are Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and sometimes,
Spirit, although spirit isn’t used in astrology, traditionally
speaking. The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
Think about the elements in terms of the symbolism they hold:
you’ve probably heard the metaphor “salt of the Earth” or perhaps
heard of someone referred to as having their “feet on the
ground”? This is a basic attribute that is often affiliated with the
Earth signs–they’re dependable, practical, and tend to want things
to be as reliable as they are.
You probably know that in nature, these elements are at play to
make up everything and they all tie together. Similarly, in
astrology, the Earth signs are those that create, but not
necessarily in the artistic or more figurative sense. No, this is a 
very tangible, literal thing. This might mean building a home, it
might be building a career, forming a family with someone - as a 
matter of fact, it’s probably all of those things. They seek stability
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and generally have a very good understanding that in order to
have that, they need to work with their ambition and drive to work
Another attribute commonly associated with Earth is loyalty and a 
sense of duty or responsibility. If you’ve ever really been
involved with someone who is an Earth sign, you have probably
noticed that they tend to have a conservative approach to most
things. Even the most wild among them has a sort of ‘stick in the
mud’ side that comes out on occasion, if it’s not a staple of their
That isn’t to say they’re not wild or that they aren’t sensual. Quite
the contrary. The Earth signs are more primal, more sensual, and
much, much more than meets the eye.
So, then, what do I mean when I say “A Venus Twist”? Well, you
probably wouldn’t consider practicality to be a romantic thing. You
certainly don’t associate budgeting and routine with sexy behavior
and indulgence. Truthfully, Tauruses, like all Earth signs, can
come across as being somewhat stoic and logical–but, when you
pair that primal force of the Earth itself with Venus, you have got a 
wonderfully warm, albeit often confusing, package.
You probably know that Venus is the goddess of love–actually,
Venus is tied in to the Goddess Aphrodite. She represents those
things of beauty, love, sensuality, and yes, sex.
In astrology, we use Venus to look at the way that a person loves.
We also use this aspect to look at the way that they create, the
way their kindness is expressed, and how sensitive and
compassionate they can be. Venus’s influence in your natal
chart is usually pretty widely distributed–this is because the planet
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goes through its cycles about once each year, visiting each one of
the 12 signs in turn.
Venus’s cycle is a bit variable at times, but, mostly, because this
is the second closest planet to the Sun, it takes roughly 225 days
for the planet to move through all of the signs.
If you are familiar with someone’s full natal chart, then if you have
someone with a Venus dominant chart, they tend to be more
gentle, caring, and focused a bit on outward physical
appearances. They might be somewhat artistic and sensual, and
certainly capable of some seriously smooth seduction.

Sun, Moon, and Ascendant
If you happen to know your Taurus man’s exact birth time and
location, you can thoroughly study the blueprint of his soul. If you
already have this information, I know exactly what question pops
into your head: Where do I start?
The exact time and location will help you learn your man’s Moon
and Ascendant (also called Rising). So, what should they tell
you? How do they affect your Taurus’ personality?
Let’s find out.
Ascendant – Rising
Your Bull, just like any other sign, wears a ‘mask’ that he shows to
other people. His Rising sign reveals how he presents himself to
others; let’s call it his social personality.
Knowing your Taurus’ Rising will help you understand his
energy and outer world. You might be able to better understand
how he copes with daily issues and what he's like when meeting
new people.
Here are brief descriptions of all the possible Ascendants/Rising
and Taurus Sun combinations:
Taurus Sun, Aries Rising
If your man wears an Aries mask, he is blessed with a pretty
harmonious mixture. He still prefers doing what’s right, but he
does it the most direct manner. An Aries Rising is probably a 
leader at work and makes sure he defends his image.
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A Taurus man like this is pretty hard to break. Don’t get me wrong:
he is not as stubborn as it gets! His Bull’s stubbornness is actually
softened by the power and strength of conviction. He actually has
a lot of patience.
Taurus Sun, Taurus Rising
Now, this is the prototype of Taurus, a Bull with a Bull mask. A 
hedonist, he practically worships all things beautiful, luxuries, and
all that. He needs it.
Just like a Taurus man with the Aries Rising, Taurus Rising
possesses incredible patience. However, he may also seem cold
– that’s how patient he is – but in reality, he’s not. It’s also not
easy for him to express anger, but when he does… all hell breaks
Taurus Sun, Gemini Rising
With Taurus’ firmness and Gemini’s mobility, this interesting duo is
a paradox. He is possessive, yet sometimes unfaithful. He can
save money and at the same time he buys himself gifts. A Taurus
man with the Gemini Rising is an innovator yet very traditional.
He doesn’t use a lot of words to express himself and may think a 
lot before answering a certain question. However, he is modest
and usually easily progresses in society.
Taurus Sun, Cancer Rising
One word: family. It is the most important aspect for a Taurus Sun
and Cancer Rising man; he may invest a lot of effort into
researching his roots. He has a very strong sense of home.
Taurus is an Earth sign, while Cancer is Water. This guy combines
materialism and spirituality in a very harmonious way. He has a 
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strong imagination, he is flexible and creative, a true artist, even if
he doesn't choose to express it in the most obvious way.
Taurus Sun, Leo Rising
A Taurus man with the Ascendant in Leo has definitely been
called ‘bossy’ many times, even though he might try to hide it. He
is egocentric but has so much ambition and enthusiasm that he
has enough energy to face almost anything.
Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad combination. Yes, some
Tauruses with Leo Rising can be so stubborn that they can
stagnate in their progress. However, with a bit of hard work and
strategy they can move mountains and, of course, become great
Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising
What can I say about a Virgo Rising Taurus? He is most likely
very reserved and never tries to stand out. He believes in
simplicity and practicality and wants to be useful. This guy uses
logic very, very well and meticulously analyzes everything.
A Taurus with the Ascendant in Virgo will not be lazy, believe me.
He will, however, need your help to figure out how to make him
feel less inferior in front of others.
Taurus Sun, Libra Rising
Since Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, you get the sweetest
person on Earth. This Taurus can be a hedonist, an artist with his
own followers and admirers. The magnetism of this guy is just
His Ascendant in Libra will make him search for harmony
everywhere he could. He can also have that image of poise, but
don’t let it fool you.
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Taurus Sun, Scorpio Rising
If your Taurus man has his Ascendant in Scorpio, he is probably
one of the most passionate guys you have ever met in your life.
He is looking for sensuous pleasures and loves ‘possessing’ his
With such a strong combination, you can get yourself either a very
positive Taurus, or an aggressive one. His stubbornness will have
to appear in one way or another, and it’s up to him to decide
which path he will take.
Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Rising
Ascendant in Sagittarius will temper with your man’s mood.
He has good common sense and can be very philosophical.
Jupiter enhances Taurus’ virtues, so your man needs to work hard
to not become a flatterer who just simply brags all the time.
The Sag’s influence is known for the sense of fairness, which can
help your Taurus man in difficult situations – he is a mediator who
can help others resolve a conflict. If the mood is right, that is.
Taurus Sun, Capricorn Rising
Now, two words – effort and determination. If used in the wrong
way, this Taurus can be obsessed with his goals and ambitions.
This can result in a life of solitude and depression.
He, however, always goes straight to the point. He has a strong
sense of responsibility and will withstand the storm. A Taurus with
the Ascendant in Capricorn needs a family, a loving partner who
will give him the affection and understanding he is looking for
(deep inside.)
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Taurus Sun, Aquarius Rising
If your Taurus’ Ascendant is in Aquarius, he is incredibly honest
and loyal. He also bears two opposite sides – conservative and
innovative, a Taurus with a touch of Aquarius fighting for justice.
He is known for his quick comebacks and bright mind. This
Taurus guy is magnetic and some people may even fear him a bit
due to his harshness. If you show him that you truly respect him
and share his ideas, he will make a great partner.
Taurus Sun, Pisces Rising
Pisces Rising balances your Taurus man. A realist by nature, he is
enriched by the fantasy and talent thanks to this combination. At
the same time, the Bull’s practicality balances out that wild
Neptune energy.
This guy may be pretty artistic and spiritual. He is also incredibly
generous and will probably share everything with his partner and
As I said earlier, your Taurus’ Rising represents the mask he
shows to others. So, what is he like when he is alone? How does
he wind down? How does your Taurus react in difficult situations?
We need to find out the position of the Moon in his chart to be
able to answer this.
If the Sun is your man’s identity, the Moon is his soul. It’s what
rules his emotions and feelings that may be hidden deep within.
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Knowing your Taurus’ Moon will help you understand how he
usually reacts in emotional situations.
Taurus Sun, Aries Moon
The Moon in Aries is restless, which doesn’t necessarily mean a 
bad thing for a Taurus Sun. He is usually very energetic, playful,
and, of course, generous, friendly, and bold.
He won’t stagnate in his romantic relationship. He wants to
always keep moving, which is no surprise – a Taurus with the
Moon in Aries has an incredible physical vitality. He only needs to
practice patience and find a partner who can be open with him.
Taurus Sun, Taurus Moon
A double Taurus needs a deep sense of stability and peace. He is
a sensual, romantic guy with a lot of patience. He is the one to
meet his goals, but all at the right time.
He may seem apathetic and somewhat cold sometimes because
of his strong and confident presence, so he needs someone who
can take care of the spiritual serenity of the relationship.
Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon
This combination gives you a true Taurean who is anything but
shy. He is chilled, looks fresh and young, and is always up for an
adventure. He won’t hold back on his emotions, thanks to the
Gemini’s influence.
He admires physical beauty, but also needs someone who is fun
to talk to. You need to be patient with this guy’s restlessness.
Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon
If your Taurus man’s Moon is in Cancer, he is someone who
seeks emotional security in his relationships. Comfort means a lot
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to him; he also makes sure he offers it in return. He might
distance himself if there is a risk of getting hurt.
This guy will give you a sense of home. Due to his nurturing
nature, this Taurus loves making you happy. He has a great sense
of humor and will most likely entertain you and those he loves.
Taurus Sun, Leo Moon
A Taurus with the Moon in Leo needs to be respected. He is a 
playful lover with a big heart (and an equally big ego.) He can be
very gentle with you, but not without a touch of drama.
A Leo Moon Taurus has a strong personality. He surely respects
himself and, as a real Taurus, needs stability and security in his
Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon
A Virgo Moon Taurus is not a risk-taker. This is a very down-toearth guy who is always organized. He likes a sense of order at
work and at home. He won’t brag about his accomplishments and
is very noble.
This Taurus is a methodical perfectionist who needs support and
encouragement. He will easily charm you, and if you share his
desires and goals, you will surely make a great couple.
Taurus Sun, Libra Moon
This Taurus is a sociable guy with a lot of charisma and a strong
common sense. He is probably very attractive and has something
that makes it hard to keep your eyes off him.
He is reliable and appreciates fairness. He is friends with
everyone; competitiveness makes him anxious. Make sure you
can positively surprise and compliment him on a regular basis.
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Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon
Scorpio is Taurus’ opposition, making this an extraordinary
combination. He will get anyone’s attention in a matter of
This is one of the most gallant guys around. He is the Bull in love,
deep, with intense yet calm emotions that can sometimes be selfdestructive. It’s vital for him to have a sense of security in his
Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Moon
A Taurus man with the Moon in Sagittarius jumps from one thing
to another very quickly. He loves his freedom, he is friendly,
warm, and open.
He can be equally simple and exciting. He may try to impose his
own beliefs on others, so you might need to have a lot of patience
with him. Understand his stubbornness.
Taurus Sun, Capricorn Moon
This Taurus instinctively knows what’s healthy. As one of the
strongest guys there are, he rises above any pressure in the
He is very reserved; it takes forever for him to open up. Security is
very important for this Taurus; he likes having a routine. You need
to be truly committed to him and your relationship and accept his
Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon
His Taurus Sun is at odds with his Aquarius Moon. He is extra
stubborn and assertive, somewhat overwhelmed with the depth of
his own emotions.
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He wants the order and he also wants to experience everything
new. This Taurus is not too materialistic, but he is great when it
comes to dealing with people. Offer him comfort, and he will
Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon
A Taurus with a Pisces Moon loves being in love. He is a dreamer
who picks up vibes. As you already know, a Sun Taurean is an
amazing lover; mix it with a sensitive Pisces Moon, and you get
yourself an interesting combination.
This guy needs a gentle and down-to-earth partner, who will
understand his need to dream. He, in return, will let you be who
you are, and love you for that

All About Taurus Men
Before we get into this section, understand that this is just a 
glimpse of your Taurus man. I’ll be going through these things in
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much more detail later, and will tell you how you can use these
things to your advantage from start to finish. Whether you are
looking to attract a Taurus man or to deepen your relationship by
understanding him better, this guide will help you at any stage of
Before you attempt to even catch the eye of one of these
incredibly steadfast men, you must understand that a Taurus man
may seem to be completely without ego, but it’s very much there.
It’s simply quieter and more understated than most. The Bull
does everything with a lot of thought, pride, and tenacity.
This is especially true when he’s seeking out a life mate.
Understanding that the most common, basic stereotypes will lead
you down the wrong path will help you to put yourself in the
position to win his heart, mind, and body.
These men are incredibly patient, often very much set in their
ways, and stubborn to a fault. However, they won’t get into
relationships, projects, or anything else unless they know there
will be a reward at the end of the hard work.
The Bull is an interesting combination of an Earth sign ruled by
Venus. What this means is they have a deep love for the tangible.
The physical and the material are very important to them.
They can also be very much prone to decadence and excess, but
quite willing to do what it takes to get that end result. If
something seems a waste of time, they just won’t bother.
One of the most frustrating things for a woman looking to date a 
Taurus man is in that odd, seemingly conflicted view of things.
They love all things luxurious, and yet are prudent with both
their money and affection.
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Granted, depending on the other facets of his chart, he may lean
more towards excess and you can thank (or blame!) that strong
Venus influence for that. It can be confusing to see, because hot
and cold is very much a Taurus standard. “Go big or go home”
is completely appropriate here because if they don’t feel they can
go big, they will just go home. Whether that is their actual home or
just distancing themselves, many women have experienced the
absolutely lavish romance of a Taurus man only to find a week
later that he’s as cold as ice.
Preventing that is actually very easy if you know their code. The
ultimate end goal for a Taurus man is a very comfortable, happy
home, a partner in the truest sense of the word, and stability. If
you come across as not being stable, he may not take you very
The ultimate Taurus male motivation is that he wants the
long-term life partner.
He is looking to stabilize his life and likely, no matter how flirty and
attention grabbing he seems now, somewhere in the back of his
mind, he’s envisioning that perfect partner, the beautifully kept
home, the family, and a strong routine.
No matter how much he indulges now, there’s always this deep
longing to be committed to one person, in the same relationship,
with the same routines for as long as possible. For Taurus,
changing things up is often far too much effort and really, this isn’t
his thing.
Many women has found themselves in the unfortunate position of
being the Taurus male’s “for now” and getting dropped like a rock
when the perfect mate came on the scene. Once he feels that has
happened, you’re better served giving up and finding someone
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else. Because that’s all he’s ever wanted, once he has it, he
won’t risk it or let it go.
If you are that “perfect mate”, however, you’ll find that it’s a life of
comfort and stability. Or at least he will do all he can to see to it. If
you’re actively working with him in support of that common goal,
you’ll further solidify his perception of you as being perfect.
He may be remarkably demanding and even bossy at times, but
often the payoff is well worth it if you’re looking for someone who
is never matched in loyalty. Fall off that pedestal, however, and
there may be no climbing back up.

The Upsides of Dating a Taurus Man
Unsurpassed Loyalty
Though it might not seem like it at first, Taurus males are capable
of loyalty unlike any other. The difficult thing is getting them to the
point where they believe you are the best and are deserving of
such loyalty. Doing that is actually a fairly straightforward process:
be as stable and loyal as they are, continually applying
genuine praise and affirmations. Note that I said
straightforward, not easy.
If you can keep your head about you, remembering why he’s
there, it will help you to foster this loyalty.
Essentially, as I mentioned, he is looking for something real,
stable, and he doesn’t want to play a lot of games or deal with a 
lot of drama to get it. In the earliest days of dating him or trying to
get his attention, understanding that he’s observing you will help.
Engaging in behaviors he has trouble taking seriously will result in
him not taking you very seriously either and you won’t earn that
famed loyalty. He wants to be sure you can give that steadfast
loyalty before he’ll give it, and often, it can seem like an uphill
battle. Once you’ve earned it, however, it’s there and it can be
hard to budge.
Before you enjoy the Taurus man’s stability, you have to be
absolutely sure that’s what you want. For many, this stability can
seem very rigid and it can seem boring. However, if you are
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looking for someone who is consistent in all things, you’re simply
not going to find someone who is more consistent than a Taurus.
Remember that this is a man who values routine and doesn’t
like taking risks. In order to truly appreciate this wonderful trait,
you have to actually appreciate it. He is most certainly a rock, but
if you find yourself beating your head against that rock, it can be
very frustrating.
For women who are looking for a stable, consistent family life that
is truly settling down, the Taurus man is worth every effort and
confusion that may come in those early days.
Taurus men tend to be very nurturing, but this also often mirrors
the nurturing they receive. Basically, if you want to be spoiled,
well, spoil him.
It is incredibly common to find that your Taurus man had a very
doting mother, and likely, he still dotes on her. This is because
they are again all about building foundations and there is no
foundation stronger than that built by love.
Though at times they have a hard time conflating the material with
the emotional, you’ll find that once you have a Taurus man with
that balance, the positive feedback loop is amazing. He will want
to take care of you from the very core of his being, and everything
he does will revolve around this.
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The Downsides of Dating a Taurus Man
Because these men are actually at heart long haul types,
understanding the downsides of a Taurus man can help you figure
things out and adapt. Of course, this is just the basic overview
and I will go more into detail as we get further into things, but if
you’re reading this, you are probably already quite familiar with
these common frustrations.
Appearances Are Everything
Unfortunately, one of the biggest conflicts about the Taurus man is
that though he loathes fakes; he is also hard pressed to go
beneath the surface of things. He might care a bit more about
the way someone comes across than how they actually are–but
this is less shallowness and more about his belief that this is the
way things “should” be.
However, they may make quick judgement calls based on surface
impressions alone, which can be incredibly problematic. Taurus
men have that “what you see is what you get” mindset, so they
sort of expect everyone else to do the same. As they mature,
this mindset evolves.
Beyond that, the tendency towards caring about outward
appearance a little too much can result in them making others feel
like they’re less than appreciated–when just a few moments ago,
they were lavish with their praise. Remember the “hold and cold”
tendency I mentioned before?
If you haven’t seen this side of him yet, and you haven’t also met
his family or closest friends, you will see it swiftly when you do.
Probably more so than at any other time. He has worked very
hard, usually over the course of decades, to foster their adoration,
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and he won’t have you derail it with a crass joke or what he
deems ‘inappropriate behavior’. As harsh as that may sound,
understanding it will help you better understand where he’s
coming from in it.
Emotional Neglect
Because Taurus males tend to be a bit more practical and
focused on practical things, emotional health and wellbeing is
often neglected. When you pair that with the “I am always right”
attitude, pointing out to them that a well-placed “I love you” here
and there means more to you than Netflix and Chill might have
him confused and perplexed.
For him, simply being there is one of the highest expressions
of his commitment–and that can be very confusing to the
partner who wants that high romance they’re often rumored to
Unfortunately, the women who have experienced that romantic
side often find out all too quickly that’s where it sits. If you find
yourself not understanding why the emotional depth doesn’t follow
the dozen roses, that’s why. Because he thinks that in sending
you those flowers, his work is done. Can he grow beyond this?
Oh, certainly.
However, if you believe that you’re going to be the one to help him
do that, you may want to reconsider. While he will value a partner
that supports him in that very slow growth, one who pushes will
be seen as aggressive and not valuing him as he feels he should
be valued. It’s really not a good idea and it can blow up in your
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If he decides that he’s ready to grow and is ready to open up on
those levels, however, the partner that supports and fosters this
will be held higher than anyone else. Remember, he wants the
best in all things and if he wants to be his best, your support
will mean everything to him in it.
The other thing here is his sense of fairness–if you want him to
grow emotionally, but you aren’t doing so yourself, it won’t work.
He will want you as committed to self-improvement as you are to
his improvement.
The materialism of the Taurus male, like everything else about
him, can be quite confusing. People tend to imagine that this
means they want lots of things, focusing only on things you can
buy–but it’s so much more than that.
Of course, yes, there is that surface level materialism. They do 
enjoy and want nice things. The best things, if you must know–but
this becomes problematic when it merges with their practical side.
For a Taurus man who is utterly convinced that “this is how things
are”–that is how things will stay, even if it means he cannot have
those nice things he dreams of. To the outside observer, that can
appear as lazy, as he will often speak of those things he would
love to have, yet he won’t be doing a whole lot to get them.
It’s not actually lazy, nor is it “acceptance” in the Zen sense that
he may try to paint. It’s complacency. He fears failing, he fears
disappointment, and, being someone who views things as an
investment, he’s not really all that inclined to take that risk.
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This becomes ironic and frustrating if you happen to be that
“perfect partner” he is looking for. One of the biggest pitfalls to
finally snaring that Taurus man is the big dreams that go
nowhere unless you push them there.
You may find yourself fighting against his complacency at times,
but ultimately, if you fight through that and help him get on the
right path, then there will be no ally more dogged in helping make
those dreams reality. It’s just getting him started that’s tough.
The Basic Rules of Attraction
If you’re looking for a fire-fueled, chaotic, dramatic and passionate
relationship, you may want to opt for a different man. The very
last thing a Taurus male wants is a constant drama bomb.
They want stability, but most importantly, they want emotional
stability. Many people simply say they don’t want drama, yet are
constantly embroiled in some battle or another.
A Taurus man means it. If you’re a fairly moody person, it may not
be a good idea to go for these guys. More than not liking it, often
they simply refuse to engage in it–many women have thought to
break those seemingly still waters with jealousy games and
otherwise, only to find their calls are never returned again.
From a physical standpoint, many will have a “type”, but even
though they are very Earthy and Venus driven, they’re not fixated
on that. No, they want the best in all things, and they’re pretty
good about balance there. The key, however, is that you must
take care of yourself.
However they define this will be different from man to man, but,
here are three tried and true things they always consider
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important. Of course I will go more into detail on this later, but
these are a few of the rules of thumb when it comes to Taurus
1) Always smell good.
Whether you’re dealing with a Taurus male or a female, their
noses are one of the best ways to either attract them or put them
off entirely. Of course nobody likes stinky pits, but for Taurus
types, this is a particularly motivating factor.
2) Slobs need not apply.
Though they have a tendency towards laziness at time
themselves owing to that Venus influence, Taurus men will quickly
reject anyone who seems to be consistently sloppy. They’re pretty
understanding of a lazy afternoon in, and as long as you smell
good, wearing your comfy jammies while watching movies all day
will be fine. However, they adore seeing a woman done up. Hair,
nails, feminine clothing–these are things they are drawn to.
3) The way to a Taurus man’s heart…
…is through his stomach. Though the very best way is if you
made it yourself, if you aren’t a particularly good cook, fine dining
will definitely do. If it smells good, looks good, and most
importantly tastes good–you’re good.
In those early days of trying to catch a Taurus man’s eye, one
thing to know is that they’re not exactly ego driven males who pick
up on each little cue. As a matter of fact, they are often very
slow to realize what’s going on. If you’re imagining that he’s
noticed any subtle clues you’re leaving, you’re probably mistaken.
Expecting a Taurus fella to take the initiative based on a few
longing looks or suggestive remarks is pretty much setting
yourself up to fail: it is not likely to happen. If you’re planning on
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waiting around for him to make that first move, you might be
waiting for a very, very long time.
The problem here isn’t so much that they’re dumb. Far from it. For
a Taurus, trust can be hard earned, including their own trust in
themselves. So, while he might be wondering if you are actually
flirting with him, he may never ask you. The best approach to take
when you’re just trying to get his attention is to find a balance of
subtle flirtation, conversations, and a few well-placed
Another key factor in just getting him interested? No fakes.
Nothing over the top or disingenuous. While they adore
compliments, they’re very quick to judge flattery as empty and
Slathering on the over-the-top flattery will immediately cause them
to be suspicious and he may determine that you’re a fake. That is
the last thing you want to do when you’re looking to be with a 
Taurus. They loathe fakes and if it even seems slightly
dishonest, even if it’s well intended, it’s almost a sure-fire way to
get shut down.
They are also more likely to go for a woman who is feminine and
soft rather than aggressive. If your usual approach is somewhat
vampy–dial that down. Instead of burning him up in the fire of
passion, turn the flame to warm and take your time. The process
itself can either be incredibly fun or frustrating, and that will all
depend on how you approach it. Looking at everything you do as
an investment is important, because this is also how he’s looking
at it.
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Stability and Respect in All Things
One of the most wonderful things about a Taurus man is that once
you’ve got his attention, he can be a devoted, doting lover. The
thing is, if you aren’t meeting him equally on that high ground, he
won’t hesitate to cut you off. In the early days, you’re not a 
permanent fixture and you won’t be for some time. He needs to
see consistency and it has to be proven over time. Being very,
very patient is key here. For a Taurus guy, the end goal is a 
stable and happy home. In order for you to be a part of that
dream future, you have to be stable and happy.
Taurus men can be very understanding of issues like depression
or their partner being down in the dumps–but if a Taurus man
doesn’t feel his efforts are rewarded, he may cut and run. He
wants a partner that he can satisfy and make happy, and
while some signs enjoy a challenge, Taurus isn’t one of
them. They are most definitely capable of rising to them, but
whether they want to or not is the problem.
As I mentioned earlier, an attempt at making a Taurus male
jealous will backfire harder on you than with any other sign. Sure,
they can get jealous just like anyone else, but they hate playing
games and are very perceptive. If you accidentally make one
jealous, that can be overcome, but if you’re deliberately
attempting to catch your Taurus male’s eye by flirting with
someone else? Hopefully, you like that other person because this
bullish male will shrug and simply say, “That’s fine. Let me clear
up your confusion. Pick that one; I’m off the table now.”
This might be somewhat confusing if you’ve ever accidentally
made a Taurus jealous because oh, they can get very possessive.
It may seem conflicting, but actually, it isn’t. They are possessive
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and fiercely territorial; however, there is a big difference
between this and petty jealousy–particularly for the Taurus man.
Persistent and dedicated, they work very hard towards their goals.
They are willing to put a tremendous amount of effort into
everything they do, and that includes your relationship. If you
show them that you can get your head easily turned by another?
They will feel they’ve wasted their time, energy, and effort. That’s
not something you want to do with these men who believe that
respect is an essential part of everything.
This can be very confusing in the early days of getting to know
him, because they aren’t particularly vocal. They prefer acts of
service when it comes to showing how they feel, and though
many of them have deeply romantic sides, that practical nature
might get in the way of things.
The problem is that the Taurus man tends to be kind and giving
towards a lot of people, so deciphering whether or not his
kindness towards you is an expression of his feelings or not can
be hard. If you have a Taurus man that is kind to you, listens to
you, and helps you out, you cannot assume that he is doing so
because he’s into you.
The same thing can be said if you see your Taurus male being
kind towards another woman. If you are jealous, you’ll find out
very quickly how insulted he can get. If he has chosen you, he
expects you to know it. Unfortunately, this stubborn man doesn’t
particularly understand why you don’t.
Some have said that Taurus men and women get jealous easily.
Again, this is a common misconception. Of course, they can and
they do, but that jealousy can never be used as a tool to get the
attention you feel they’re capable of but don’t give.
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In the first place, as I mentioned before, they will spot that game
before you even make your first real move–and it will put a big
dent in their trust for you. This can potentially lead to an end of
the relationship right then and there or something much slower
and more painful.
The distinction lies in the difference between being possessive
and being jealous. He will most likely be tremendously territorial,
possessive, and at times, yes, even jealous. However, he doesn’t
like feeling like he could lose you; remember, for him, stability and
respect are central to everything.
The reason that attempts at deliberately making a Taurus man
jealous will backfire horribly? They’d rather lose you than deal
with the up and down threats of possibly losing you. These men
are looking for long-term and they are looking for stable. Think
about it for a moment and it makes perfect sense–and there are
much better ways to get the attention you want without
risking the relationship.

Rozdíl mezi majetnictvím a zneužíváním žárlivosti
Lidé si často pletou majetnictví se žárlivostí. I když jsou oba
velmi normální lidské vlastnosti, je tu rozdíl. Žárlivost
je emoce, zatímco být majetnický je chování. Půjdu
do této další části, protože to je problém,
se kterým se při seznamování setkává mnoho žen, ale existuje určitá hranice a ta
musí být pevně stanovena.
Tím neříkám, že váš muž Býk se hodí do týrané formy
– pravděpodobně ne – ale nemůžeme mluvit o rozdílu mezi
těmito dvěma věcmi, aniž bychom se pustili do této nešťastné události.
To je bohužel realita, ale doufám, že se jí můžete vyhnout.
Než si promluvíme o normálních a relativně zdravých rozdílech
mezi těmito dvěma – uvědomte si, že existují určitá chování
, která byste nikdy neměli akceptovat, a není to vaše chyba. Toto
chování je urážlivé, a pokud se s ním setkáte,
nemyslete si, že existuje něco, co můžete říct nebo udělat, abyste je změnili.
Vy za to nemůžete, ani to není vaše odpovědnost – a 
nejste sami.
Pokud jsou tyto věci pravdivé, obraťte se na někoho, komu můžete důvěřovat, a 
požádejte o pomoc, jak se z této situace dostat. Opět to není vaše chyba.
Některé z těchto chování mohou být:
1. Kontrolní chování: snaží se vám říkat, jak se oblékat, chová se,
jako byste se nemohli rozhodovat nebo že jste
„hloupý“, trvá na tom, abyste se s ním často hlásili,
zapaluje vás plynem, vyslýchá vás, kde jste byli,
s kým jste byli, co jste měli na sobě a otázky
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nad rámec zájmu. Chce sledovat nebo sledovat vaše
profily na sociálních sítích, e-maily nebo telefonní hovory.
2. Nezdravé žárlivé chování: neustálé obviňování z 
nevěry, „neumožňuje“ vám mít přátele opačného
pohlaví nebo dokonce žárlí na váš čas strávený s přáteli
a rodinou.
3. Nerealistická očekávání: může být přehnaný s 
komplimenty, závisí na vás ve všech svých potřebách a přáních,
očekává od vás dokonalost, je příliš kritický ke způsobu, jakým
věci děláte.
4. Izolace: Nedovolí vám používat telefon, auto nebo
jinak odjet bez něj, může vám ztěžovat
zapojení do společenských aktivit, chodit do práce nebo do školy, je neustále
kritický vůči svým přátelům a blízkým tvrdí, že
se vás vaše rodina nebo přátelé snaží ovládat. Zlehčuje to, jak
se o vás ostatní starají, tj. on je s vámi jen kamarád, protože vás
chce, ona se s vámi přátelí jen proto, že ráda
získává pozornost, tito lidé vás ve skutečnosti nemilují jako já
5. Emocionální: Přiděluje odpovědnost vám nebo ostatním za jeho
emoce, používá boj viny – tj. Bolí mě, že
nechceš dělat to, co říkám, nepřebírá zodpovědnost za svou vlastní
schopnost ovládat své emoce – tj. miluji tě tak moc, že ​​se nemohu
ubránit vzteku.
To znamená, že nejistota je velmi normální lidskou emocí, stejně jako do 
určité míry žárlivost a majetnictví. Nyní se podíváme na normální, zdravé rozdíly a na to, jak se projevují u samce
Býka . Potřebujete více osobního vedení? Získejte moje VIP (pouze pro členy) astrologické konzultace zde. Láska ke stabilitě Musíte pochopit, že hnacím faktorem pod téměř všemi Taurusy je láska ke stabilitě a rutině. Takže, zatímco vy

možná neuvidíte malichernou žárlivost, pokud se tato stabilita a rutina sníží
, pak byste mohli vidět majetnictví.
Je zde zajímavá, i když jemná linie a pro muže Býka
to není něco, s čím byste chtěli hrát emocionální hry. Pokud se
na vás dívá jako na potenciálního životního partnera, použití vaší přítomnosti v 
jeho životě jako gambitu ve hře obvykle povede k tomu, že
Jinými slovy, pokud budete někdy tak frustrovaní, že budete
hrozit odchodem, možná budete chtít být připraveni to napravit
. To neznamená, že byste mu měli dovolit, aby se stal tak
pohodlným, aby vás považoval za samozřejmost – ale pochopte, že
způsob, jakým vyjadřujete svou frustraci, musí být zdravý.
Vytvoření procesu, ve kterém oba rostete se vztahem, je
ve skutečnosti něco, co ocení, ale otravování, vyhrožování
a pokusy přimět ho k žárlivosti – ne tolik. Chce
vědět, že jste tam, protože jste v tom na dlouhou trať, takže
racionální a jasné řešení vašich obav vám pomůže
sblížit se. Také zjistíte, že tento přístup
vás dělá šťastnějšími.

Taurus Man Attraction A-Z
Strong. Masculine. Sensual. Often the silent, seemingly
untouchable calm man, mysterious and engaging. How do you
get under the skin of a man who seems like nothing gets under
his skin?
Well, it’s going to require a bit of balance.
How a Taurus Man Shows He’s Into You
Things can be remarkably frustrating in the early days of courting
a Taurus male. There are so many reasons for this, but none
more so than simply not knowing how they feel. If you take a look
around, you’ll see tons of articles and otherwise about how
romantic these guys are, and yet, you may not be seeing those
behaviors in yours.
That’s because it can often take them a long time to get to that
point. They are perfectionists at heart and often, if they can’t offer
something perfect, they don’t bother trying at all. They aren’t big
risk takers, but loyalty is everything to them. For these men,
however, it takes time to build that loyalty, and trust must be
both given and earned. Though yes, they can be highly
romantic, these gestures are how they show they love–so, if he
doesn’t love just yet, he may not be all that inclined to display it.
Many a woman has misread the signals from a Taurus man.
Dating one, you’ll find that he does things for you, and at first,
these considerate acts can make you feel very special. Until you
see he’s doing that for pretty much everyone in his life. Not
exactly the kind of thing that makes a girl feel all that special.
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However, there are a few ways to discern whether or not the way
he treats you is actually different.
Taurus males can be really confusing also due to the fact that
they’re pretty “manly men” but, they’re also tremendous lovers of
beauty. Though they’re known for being absolutely candid and
blunt, and they can also be remarkably manipulative–which
seems contradictory, but it really isn’t.
People born under the sign of Taurus are, in general, people who
react but aren’t known for initiating action. This is because they’re
waiting to see what others are going to do first. They wait for
others to play their hand and then they have all their own
motivations and responses at the ready.
This is extremely deliberate, as anyone who has ever been with a 
Taurus long-term will tell you. In doing this, they can survey the
situation so they can be the masters of it. They have a 
tremendous appetite, both literally and figuratively, and it’s often a 
little hard for them to resist the pleasures of the flesh. While not
particularly ego driven, they offer another frustrating contradiction
in how they respond to attention–particularly romantic attention.
If you’ve ever thrown yourself at a Taurus man only to find him
ducking and dodging, you know that frustration. He will seem
completely oblivious to the point where you feel like this is just
how you must approach things–but then, when you do, it’s a huge
flop. Yet, you will see his friends practically hero worship him and
all his attention goes there. How does that work?
He wants to be worshipped, but he wants it to be genuine hero
worship. No empty words, no over the top expressions unless
they’re filled with absolutely real adoration.
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He will seem completely masculine and very Alpha Male, right up
until he’s involved. He seems very laid back, often with this
submissive behavior, until he’s involved. Once invested, that’s
when the surprise comes in. The Taurus male can be one of the
most controlling signs there is. The entire time he’s been
allowing you to make the decisions, he’s been evaluating how you
do. Planning his next move, strategizing it all. In doing this, he
gets all the best things, often without ever having to really lift a 
finger–and this is just the way he likes it.
Once he has them, however, look out. Because that’s when you’ll
see the Bull that charges the red flag. That’s when the darker side
of Taurus emerges. The side that will throw himself into things and
do whatever it takes to keep those wonderful things that have
seemingly just fallen into his lap.
That said, people are also often perplexed at how such a 
doggedly loyal and romantic sign can also be one of the most
“playboy” types out there.
This one’s pretty easy to understand if you look at the psychology
at play. First, of course, he may have many friends who adore
him. Many people have been thrown and jealous because while it
seems their Taurus man is so into them, he’ll still keep these
people around who are clearly sexually and romantically attracted
to him. It’s a safety net. It’s a means of controlling the situation
without having to. He does this just in case the relationship
he’s working on happens to not go the way he hopes.
This can often happen for the Taurus man because for many
women, having this man who goes from being absolutely
wonderful, attentive, and sexual to one of the most confusing and
distant is a hard road to navigate.
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The kind of self-doubt that a Taurus can foster is immense, but it’s
also usually because of the way they actually communicate
versus the way their partners think they communicate, or don’t.
Body language, actions, and where he prioritizes his time are
a big hint as to what he cares about most.
Though they often seem to be very sexual, sensual, and burning
hot, most people don’t understand that Taurus men are also very
conservative. Even the most flamboyant Taurus man is at heart
quite introverted. The “real” Taurus under any bluster you may
see is a silent observer who builds walls of protection to keep his
feelings safe and secure. They have very high standards for
ethics, and in general have a pessimistic view of how the world
works. Their way or the highway tends to be how they operate
and they do not tend to trust anything that doesn’t see their
The early stages of dating one of these men can be the most
confusing and it’s also why they might seem like playboys. This
isn’t because they’re incapable of relationships; it’s because
they’re observing. He will study the way you interact with others,
and he’ll pay attention to all sorts of small things that you don’t
even think about.
If you want to understand the Taurus man, it is not as easy as it
looks for you must first know everything about this sign. This
sensible, down-to-earth Taurus man will not open up easily. It is
all up to you how to handle him. After all, it is you who will be
having all the fun afterwards.
Understanding these men isn’t as easy as some think. They may
be sensible and down to earth, but they’re also not easily
cracked open.
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For one thing, they aren’t fond of being that vulnerable, and for
another, it takes time. They do that deliberately; they are working
on making sure that you are safe, stable, and that you aren’t
going to use their vulnerabilities against them.
Once you make it through that, these men are pretty easy going
and open with their feelings, but watching for clues as the slow
going Taurus progresses can often be baffling. These are your
signs that a Taurus man likes you.
Taurus men will court in one of two ways and rarely have I ever
seen anything in-between. They will either go completely over the
top with romantic gestures, and very old school courting
techniques, or they will do things for you.
If your Taurus man isn’t delivering flowers and poems to your
doorstep, but he’s always in your kitchen, he’s mowing your lawn,
or he’s doing practical things for you? That’s romance for him.
He wants to show you that he will take care of you and so, he is.
Another big tip lies in that hot and cold behavior we talked about
earlier. You may spend an entire weekend together, and in that
weekend there will be nothing but complete and undivided
attention, but then the work week comes and he’s just gone.
It may not be that he’s ignoring you or even that you misread the
weekend at all. He’s simply focused on the practical, having felt
that his undivided attention throughout that weekend showed you
all you needed to know. He will be shocked and even baffled if
you confront him at that point, and then, you’ll find out that he
genuinely thought you understood how he felt based on the
weekend. So much so that he figured you didn’t need any more
reassurance throughout the rest of the week. It’s somewhat
dense, but understanding that one simple thing will help you
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recognize you aren’t being given the cold shoulder; actually, it’s
quite the opposite.
Tip 1: Be Strong and Capable
Whether he is the strong, silent type or the more emotionally
expressive-style Taurus man, underneath all of that is a desire for
a true partner in every sense of the word.
They are remarkably tenacious men who are capable of quite a 
bit, and they’ll expect you to be as well. If you aren’t, they won’t
take you very seriously.
However, you need to understand that unsolicited advice or help
isn’t usually going to be appreciated. More than one woman has
really gone out of her way for a Taurus man, only to hear, “well, I 
didn’t ask for that,” when upset at what seems like a lack of
gratitude. Any help, support, or other contributions must be in the
spirit of partnership–not seen as an attack on his capability.
Understanding that he is looking for that ‘best friends’
relationship will help balance things out a great deal.
Tip 2: Appeal to His Love of Beauty
Though Taurus men want a woman who can easily walk by their
side, they also want to feel that they are masculine. Many
appreciate feminine approaches to things and enjoy it when a 
woman dresses up for them. However, pay attention to what his
tastes are, and don’t do anything that is out of character for
you already. They don’t enjoy feeling that they’ve had to coerce
anyone into doing anything and will spot falseness quickly.
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Tip 3: Going From Confidence to Trust
Though Taurus men tend to be incredibly trustworthy, gaining
their trust isn’t always easy. Have you ever noticed how in
many romantic sitcoms, the man is portrayed as somewhat inept
and the woman almost mothers him? This sort of mentality and
engaging in behaviors based on these stereotypes is a sure fire
way to find yourself cut loose for good with a Taurus man.
They do not want to be seen as infantile or otherwise incapable
and they do have a tremendous amount of personal pride.
Gaining their trust requires that you also trust them to make
decisions, and patronizing them in this way will make them run
fast and far from you. Instead, try being open to their experience
and their perspectives, and offering input on the same level.
Respectful dialogues are a good way to show them that you value
what they have to offer, but that you can hold your own as well.
This might actually be something of a challenge because, as
much personal pride as a Taurus man may have in himself, he
doesn’t do hints very well when it comes to romance. If you’re
imagining that he will take the first move based on some mild
flirtation, you might be in for a long wait. Instead, consider a 
balance of expressing your interest with allowing him to take
the initiative. While he may appreciate your candor, aggressive
pursuits don’t tend to appeal to him either. Like many men, they
enjoy a bit of the back and forth, so be sure you’re balancing that
Tip 4: Understand that Appearances Can be Deceiving
Taurus men aren’t usually the most over the top with expressing
how they feel. It can be remarkably difficult to tell when they’re
falling for you because of this. Though they are known for a keen
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flair for romance, when it comes to verbalizing those feelings they
have a harder time. It takes quite a bit for a Taurus male to open
up and be vulnerable, but he will be expressing his feelings in
other, more tangible ways.

A Note about Compatibility
Before we begin, you need to understand that there really is no
such thing as incompatible signs. There are just varying
degrees in which those signs will either get along, or areas in
which they won’t.
If two people have more compatible signs, they’ll be more or less
on the same wavelength and therefore they will be more
compatible. However, if you’ve been told that you won’t be able to
make it work just because your signs aren’t compatible, then
you’re dealing with someone who just doesn’t know how it works.
While signs that are deemed less than compatible may require a 
bit more patience and understanding to work well together, when
they do, some of the most profoundly deep and lasting
relationships are forged.
Many believe that signs which carry the same element will work
best together. So, Earth signs with Earth signs–Capricorn, Virgo,
and Taurus. Fire with Fire–Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Water with
Water–Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Lastly, Air with Air–Libra,
Aquarius, and Gemini.
Now, does that mean if you’re a Gemini, like myself, you can’t be
with a Taurus successfully? Of course not.
While those who are born under those same elements tend to
experience more fluid relationships, this isn’t the be all and end all
of compatibility. It’s just the beginning. Even at this very
beginning, there are things you can understand and this will give
your relationship much more potential than had you not known it
in the first place.
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From the earliest days in human history, people have been
fascinated with the idea that there is one perfect mate out there
for everyone. While I have never quite felt that it had to be only
one, I have definitely come around to the realization that we can
use astrology to find out just how compatible we might be with
someone. In addition to this, we can also use it to find ways to
keep love strong and healthy, with a stable foundation of trust and
There are a number of astrological techniques which can be used,
and in this book, I’m only reaching the surface–and given the
wealth of information here alone, you can imagine what an
intensely explorative topic it can really be!
Using techniques known as synastry and composite charts, we
can calculate the potential compatibility, issues, and other factors
between two people that may impact their relationships. Far from
only being used for romantic partnerships, we can utilize astrology
to learn about friendships, family, and even business deals. There
really is no limit to what you can learn by simply having
someone’s accurate date, time, and place of birth.
The very best way to find that true love, and to keep it, is to know
yourself first. The old saying is ‘to thine own self be true’–and in
order to do so, you’ve really got to take the time to learn who you
are, and to love and accept yourself on that level. Those things
that society makes us believe we want in a relationship or those
things we expect may be very different from what might actually
make us tick–and even then, these are different from what may
be best for us on the whole.
Most astrologers will start off a compatibility chart by looking at
your own natal chart first. This is because looking into your chart
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will help you to better understand those issues at your core, and
the things that may be at play in not only your desires, but your
emotional reactions and defense mechanisms. There are a 
number of facets that we look into, usually starting with the Sun
sign, which is what we explore in this book, and then going into
the ascendant, the Moon sign, for emotions, and then other
planets and the houses in which they fall into.
After that, both charts will be compared so that the astrologer can
get a much deeper look at not just you, and not just your partner,
but the development of the relationship and how it can proceed in
the best possible way, what to look out for, and what issues may
We also look into the aspects that will connect these planetary
positions and how they impact each other, and what that may
mean for the relationship. There are a multitude of factors
involved in each chart, and then, they combine in a new chart
that outlines the relationship itself.
Our synastry charts will be both charts of both partners compared,
side by side. The composite, however, is a chart of the
relationship itself–using the midpoints of each partner’s chart.
From there, we can examine the progressed charts and transits to
see what upcoming events may influence both partners further.
As you can see, astrological compatibility offers quite a lot! But,
for now, we will just go into the Sun sign compatibility and how
you can use this to wow your Taurus man.
So, let’s begin!

Taurus and Aries
This is actually an excellent match–though, from the outset, you
might not imagine it would be. If you’re an Aries going for a 
Taurus, you may have some doubts and it can be frustrating at
first. This really can be a perfect blend of love and passion–after
all, Taurus is all about love, whereas Aries is that driven passion.
This is one of those matches that will certainly require
As an Aries, you just want to get right in there and get things
going. Now, now, now! However, you might notice that with this
Taurus man it is not so much possible. He wants to take it slowly;
he needs a bit of charm and finesse. However, as an Aries, you
might have a hard time getting your head around this. For you,
when you know what you want, you’ll go to the ends of the earth
to get it. When someone else doesn’t behave that way it can be a 
little hard to understand, making you think that they’re not into
you. This might not be true of the slower, more subtle Taurus.
Your Taurus man is going to be a lot gentler, more patient, and
sensual–which is something as an Aries, you will appreciate a lot.
He will likely admire the way that you are able to reach out and
get those things you want. The thing is, this relationship will either
be something that becomes a learning experience or, it may be
one where, when balance is achieved, you two become an
unstoppable force together.
First you’ve got to get there, though. Now, you’ll be able to help
him to be more adventurous, to get out of his comfort zone a bit,
and he’ll be able to help you to be less impulsive and rash.
However, both of these signs tend to carry a lot of pride. If he
pulls out that Taurus Earth Sign condescending approach as you
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attempt to re-write the Book of Love together; well, you might find
yourself wanting to hit him in the head with it!
On the other hand, if it’s you who finds his slowness and
sometimes seemingly lazy approach to inspire a bit of derision in
you, then he’ll just shut down. Your Taurus man isn’t going to want
to fight with you, which may be a bit perplexing. Sometimes, for
Aries, the fighting is as much of a rush as the sex is in a 
relationship. This is something Taurus finds baffling; because
they tend to believe that the perfect relationship is smooth
sailing all the time.
Slow down a moment and think about this in astrological terms,
though. You’ve got you–an Aries–and you are ruled by the planet
Mars. Taurus, as I mentioned, is ruled by Venus. These two are
the halves of what make a relationship whole; love and passion.
This relationship can be an excellent match in terms of balancing
the feminine and masculine aspects–blending that motivation with
Taurus and Taurus
On the outset this one seems a match made in heaven, doesn’t
it? Two very sensual people who are looking for something stable
and long-term. How could that possibly go wrong?
Well, what happens when you get two very stubborn people
together? If they agree with each other–it’s pure magic. But when
they disagree, it’s more of a curse. When you two butt heads it
can be pretty awful, as neither one wants to give an inch. A bit of
balance and compromise will win the day.
If you’re a Taurus and you are into another Taurus, you may
notice that you just have this powerful and almost immediate
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seeming connection–which is a weird thing for a Taurus.
Steadiness is your thing and to suddenly have what seems
perfect can be almost intoxicatingly good. The two of you may
well just spoil each other into a coma.
Tauruses are practically famous for being strong willed, but they
are also loyal unlike any other sign. They have a tendency
towards truly enjoying the dating process, particularly if there is an
element of courting involved. Only very occasionally will they
rush into things but, when locked in, they’re there for keeps.
They may also be a bit more possessive of one another than
other couples–but, the good thing is, the odds of them cheating
on one other are pretty low. It can and does happen–but, as a 
general rule, it shouldn’t.
Because you’re both Venus signs, you’ll find that though you don’t
normally fall head over heels in love at first sight, you may do in
this case. Because you are both incredibly loving, romantic and
adore physical intimacy, the chemistry will either be constant and
electric or steady and warm.
One of the downsides of this pairing is that because you both
enjoy being pampered–a bit of laziness may pose a problem if
one Taurus is doing all the taking. You will want to return each
kindness he lays on you in equal measure–and, if he isn’t
returning the favor, you might need to have a little talk about that.
The odds are actually pretty good he just didn’t realize, because
he was enjoying your care in the way only a Taurus knows how.
When the two of you join forces for common dreams and goals–
there’s no stopping you. This includes the goals you have for the
relationship, and that unsurpassed loyalty will most definitely be
an asset. A Taurus+Taurus match has a high level of harmony
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attached to it, just so long as you two make sure you’re giving as
good as you get.
Taurus and Gemini
As I mentioned in my introduction, Taurus and Gemini can be a bit
tricky. I happen to know this one all too well, but just as I made it
work, it’s possible you can, too.
This is, however, a relationship that must start much more slowly
than you, as a Gemini, may wish for. This is because although
you’ve both got quite a lot to offer each other, it takes time and
adjustment to learn how to best compromise and get along
together. As a Gemini, you need to allow Taurus to go slow, and
to slow him down a bit if he’s being a little too ‘bull headed’. This
is important.
Because as a Gemini, you may be always in two minds about
everything–this can be pretty frustrating for a Taurus who seeks
steadiness. Because he can also be a bit possessive, it might be
important to help him let go a little there. This can be
accomplished by slowly building a foundation of trust in the
relationship first.
However, understanding how you’re doing that–or undoing that
first–helps. If you’re thinking he’s a bit of a stick in the mud, the
odds are pretty good he finds you to be a little flaky at times.
Neither of you are right, and this assumption can shoot the
relationship in the foot before it begins.
Taurus may seem to want a little more from the relationship than
Gemini at first–and this can cause a real problem. However, if
both are committed to taking things slow, then the balance
can happen and that trust they both need can be built. You,
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as a Gemini, will be wonderful for the Taurus–teaching them to be
a little less monotonous and helping them add a little variety to
their lives. In return, however, expect to be held to those Taurus
standards for stability.
The Taurus man is actually a very simple creature–not in a 
negative way. He just wants someone he can depend upon, who
will be sensual and warm. The awesome thing is, that Gemini
mind is adept. So, it really doesn’t take much, once you recognize
what’s needed; to learn to adapt and do exactly that.
Once the trust is established in the relationship, this pairing is
excellent for giving plenty of security for both. That allows the
Taurus to deepen his trust of the Gemini, and as long as the
communication is open and they feel understood, this can be a 
very happy pair.
Taurus and Cancer
As a Cancer with a Taurus, you will probably find that both of you
have quite a lot in common. You both enjoy the comforts of home
and being secure, you both want to build a very stable
relationship, have nice things, enjoy all those little things in life–
but emotionally, things can be a bit trickier.
Both signs love to nurture others, but the difference comes in
terms of how. A Taurus will see providing things as nurturing,
which can leave a Cancer feeling confused and uncertain. A 
Cancer may be a bit more emotionally expressive and at times,
that can overwhelm the Taurus.
That isn’t to say that’s a huge problem–it’s really not. Both enjoy
spending time together, just pottering around the house, and they
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do tend to have a much better understanding of one another
than most.
The one area where this couple might find a problem is in how
issues are addressed. A Taurus male, inclined to having his own
way, might not be all that keen on Cancer closing up instead of
going along with him. However if you, as a Cancer, can
communicate the problems that you have or the concerns in a 
clear way, the Taurus might still balk, but the odds of the problem
being resolved become a lot better.
This is also where we get into why it is that just going by the
element of the sign alone isn’t a great thing. Taurus is an Earth
sign, and as a Cancer, you’d be a Water sign. These can be very
compatible because they are both very physical, tactile elements.
Water has a tendency to help Earth grow by way of nurturing,
whereas Earth can have a stabilizing effect on Water.
On the whole, this pairing can be very steadfast and stable if
both parties are willing to meet in the middle and be more
mindful of each other's needs. Though you may find this isn’t a 
great “simply dating” relationship, when it comes to longer term
commitments, this can be an excellent match.
Taurus and Leo
Taurus and Leo make a pretty powerful match because they are
adept at working with egos. Their needs, wants and desires in a 
relationship are very similar, and they are also very loyal and
somewhat possessive lovers–so, from the outset, this match
works very well.
As they are both very much into the more physical comforts, they
are also on the same wavelength with that. Additionally, they are
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able to come together very well on the things they agree with–
however, the problem comes in when there is a difference of
As a Leo, it can be hard to understand why a Taurus man just will
not let go once he’s got his mind set on something. The Taurus, in
return, may find that Leo is a little domineering for his tastes, and
rebel almost on principle.
Their ambition comes across very differently, which can work out
very well–while Taurus seeks out more secure, stable settings,
Leo prefers fame. This can sometimes lead to things not being so
stable, which is a little hard for a Taurus man to handle. However,
if they can find a compromise where things are on a bit more
of an even keel, things can be very smooth.
The arguing between these two signs is where things can also be
a little problematic because Leo has a tendency to wave the red
flag at the Bull. This is a fixed sign pairing which means once
they’ve made up their minds, you are hard pressed to change
that. Again, when it’s something they’ve decided together, it’s an
impressive force–but when they butt heads it can become brutal
and intense.
Neither of these signs is particularly keen on change, either, and
this can cause them to get stuck in a sort of self-indulgent rut. If
the relationship is a good one, it can be a really good one, but that
becomes problematic because neither of them will want to give
up, even if it’s not a good situation. Still, on the whole, because
they will typically really adore one another, this can be a 
wonderful match that helps them both to appreciate relationships
much more.

Taurus and Virgo
If you’re looking for all the stability Virgos tend to seek out, the
Taurus man may just be your best bet. This pairing is not the most
passionate one, but it can be a very loyal, stable, and
longstanding relationship.
Both Virgo and Taurus are exceptionally devoted lovers, and they
are adept at making use of each other's natural talents. You as a 
Virgo will be drawn to a Taurus’s strong, steady personality,
whereas he will love how intelligent you are.
This is one of those relationships that may be a little slow going
on both sides, but once it’s locked in, it’s usually for life. Taurus
and Virgo tend to have a lot in common and that’s hard to resist.
Whereas Taurus tends to be a bit more physical and sensual,
Virgo can be more restrained–and this is where some small
issues may emerge. Additionally, Virgo’s tendency to over-analyze
can be problematic, as a Taurus man isn’t usually the most openly
Because Virgos can be prone to second guessing, this can lead
to Taurus feeling a bit criticized for reasons he can’t quite
understand. Then, he’ll usually balk and become stubborn, which
really can be annoying to the Virgo, so what ends up happening?
This big negative feedback loop.
This can easily be avoided if both partners are dedicated to not
taking themselves quite so seriously. Because they really do have
so much in common, they can usually find middle ground if they
do this, and be able to work most things out.
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As a Virgo, you can teach your Taurus man to compromise a little,
and in return, he can teach you to be a bit less critical and to open
up and ask, rather than assume. If both partners in this pairing
allow themselves to be vulnerable with one another, it can
help develop a trust that can hardly be broken.
On the whole, with a Virgo and a Taurus in a love relationship,
you’ll find that once you two get it together–you really have it all
together. Planning things and having mutual goals will help to
further solidify this bond and make both feel more important to
each other.

Taurus and Libra
It’s interesting to note that Libra and Taurus are often considered
one of the more fated relationships. That doesn’t necessarily
mean hooking up with a Taurus man is going to be the be all and
end all. It does, however, mean that the relationship can have a 
profound impact on you both.
This is actually a very, very good match and relationships like this
have tremendous potential. A very slow starting relationship, it’s
one that definitely grows in leaps and bounds.
Both of these signs are ruled by Venus, and it shows in the way
that they both appreciate the finer things. Both will enjoy the arts,
music, and are very much into physical pleasure. Taurus and
Libra are known for being romantic, wanting to impress a potential
partner and wanting to be impressed.
Unfortunately, this overload of Venus can lead to a lot of laziness,
particularly if one partner is just basking in the adoration of the
other without returning the favor. So, be sure there is a balance
there. Make it a sexy, sensual romantic feedback loop!
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One area that they differ a great deal in, however, is their ability to
make decisions. Taurus has a tendency towards hard, solid
choices without much give; whereas Libra sometimes has trouble
making up their mind. In this, they can be either a wonderful
pairing, meeting in the middle, or they can absolutely drive each
other nuts.
That’s usually a choice that’s down to both partners, and it’s
something to understand going into it. If you’re a Libra, you might
have a hard time dealing with the Taurus male’s tendency towards
possessiveness, but it’s really a matter of slowly building trust
and learning to understand one another. Clear communication
can help with that tremendously.
Because this is a blend of both Earth–Taurus, and Air–Libra, you
can actually have a very motivating relationship. Libra will want to
intellectually pick things through, and Taurus will work more with
gut instinct. Knowing this, each partner can take the time to
realize that these differences actually strengthen the bond, rather
than weaken it, because it means that the finer details Libra
points out are important to the end result the Taurus male wants
to see happen.
Taurus and Scorpio
Taurus and Scorpio are quite an intense match, and there’s good
reason for this. Scorpio is the sign opposite Taurus in the zodiac
and so there is an almost magnetic draw in this relationship from
the start. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing,
depending on how you look at it, but one thing is for sure; the
chemistry is just nothing short of brilliant. Sparks definitely fly
between this couple.
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Passion is absolutely the name of this game, and it’s game on as
long as the relationship continues. Both signs can be quite
possessive at times, not just of the things they have or want, but
of those they care about the most too. Both carry an intense need
for something stable and something that they can trust–however,
this manifests very, very differently in the Taurus man than it will in
you, a Scorpio.
A Taurus man appreciates things that are upright and
obvious–for him, this means that they are honest and he tends to
give the side-eye to anything mysterious. Though he’ll find that
intoxicating, for him a Scorpio is a puzzle to figure out, and he
may seem a little on the needy side as he’ll want you to reassure
him quite a bit.
For Scorpio, however, that deep love of all things mysterious may
prod you into some situations that your Taurus man may not be all
that comfortable with. Reassurance on both sides is absolutely
While you as a Scorpio will absolutely adore the tireless way that
he indulges in his sensual side, he will be drawn in by your deeply
passionate nature.
The devotion will have both parties feeling wonderful but
also, a bit scared of losing it. Sometimes, when a Scorpio has
something good, the fear of infidelity or loss can be a bit jarring
and Taurus’s lack of open emotional communication can be
Both partners will need to communicate openly and clearly so that
their presence in the relationship is reassuring to the other. The
lessons you can learn as a couple may be lifelong, even if the
relationship is not. This powerful connection can really shine if
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real intimacy is achieved and both are willing to be open and
unabashed about their feelings.
Taurus and Sagittarius
Taurus and Sagittarius is a steamy, intense connection that can
be filled with a lot of frisky fun–but may burn too hot and too fast
for both partners. The two of you have a lot to learn and it can
be an amazing experience. The problem is, if the Taurus man is
a little too stuck in his ways, this can get boring for the Sagittarius
who has to be experiencing all sorts of new things on a regular
However if you, as a Sagittarius, can allow yourself to relax and
enjoy all the stability that the Taurus man has to offer, you may
just find that you can teach him a thing or two about having fun. It
isn’t that they are a boring sort–but, sometimes, those Taurus
types just need a little prodding. There are really few better at
doing that sort of prodding than a Sagittarius.
While they do have a remarkably different perspective on life,
these two can be amazing for each other if both keep an open
mind. You might not think that’s difficult for the expansive
Sagittarian in you–however, when things slow down, this Fire sign
tends to feel a little stifled.
Taurus likes to take it slow and steady, which as an Earth sign,
suits them. These differences can cause a lot of stress if the pair
doesn’t achieve the balance needed. A little give and take is all
that you, as a Sagittarius, need to do to keep your Taurus
man happy and get him out of his shell a little. With plenty of
reassurances towards each other, this match can help both to feel
much more secure.
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Encouraging your Taurus man to give you a bit of freedom will
require that this relationship goes slowly. That can be difficult
because as a Sagittarius, you’re ready to open everything up. It’s
the Jupiter influence in your sign: ever-expansive growth is what
your soul seeks. For Taurus that can be a bit hard to handle, but
as long as you are actively working on building trust, the
balance will follow. Then, you can both have the kind of
relationship you’ve always dreamed of.
Taurus and Capricorn
Some people believe that the Taurus and Capricorn pairing is a 
boring one. That’s because when they come together it’s a very
stable, down to earth connection.
The big edge they have to everything as a couple is also the thing
that can cause some issues: neither is particularly concerned
with taking risks unless they know there’s a payoff. This
causes a bit of a wedge when the Taurus man is slower to commit
or express himself emotionally–whereas the Capricorn is more
likely to have some intensity beneath the surface on the emotional
front. For a Capricorn, risk-aversion is less emotional and more
Both of these signs have big ambitions. They will come together
and have a very strong mutual appreciation for the strength the
other may have–but Taurus may find that Capricorn is too stern
and serious about things.
This match brings together a pairing of two very different
planetary influences, as well; Venus for the Taurus, and Saturn for
the Capricorn. Saturn energy may seem very cold, and it is a very
masculine planetary influence. Venus, on the other hand, is
feminine and inviting. For a Capricorn, it can be very frustrating to
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be with a Taurus man because he may want all those finer things
in life yet it takes an awful lot to get him up and working on them.
Make no mistake at all–once the Taurus is working towards his
goals, there’s very little that will stop him. However, until he does,
you as a Capricorn might just find yourself wondering, “Excuse
me, but who do you think pays for all of that?” as Taurus dreams
out loud. That is the biggest issue that the two of you will have -
and the hardest to overcome.
You may find that your Taurus male just doesn’t seem to have a 
whole lot of drive and initiative. When you try to prod him into this,
he’ll balk and that is something most Capricorns have a hard time
stomaching. The back and forth can become an endless cycle
of fights if it’s not handled with care from the very start.
The thing about this relationship is that Taurus actually has a lot to
teach Capricorn and, well, the same can be said of what you have
to offer the Taurus.
What you as a Capricorn sees as laziness is actually a 
willingness to relax. While it is true that he may relax a little too
much, if you two meet in the middle then you’ll find that he helps
you to truly recognize how hard you work–and that’s something
he appreciates a great deal more than he may express.
You, on the other hand, may motivate him into being able to
actively seek out the things he wants and needs. Compromise will
be everything in this relationship–and in compromising, you’ll both
be able to make goals for the future together and reach them. It’s
a powerful match.
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Taurus and Aquarius
Taurus and Aquarius are another one of what we consider power
couples – though, at times, you may not think so! They can
seriously change up a lot of things, both in their own lives and in
the world around them. However, getting the relationship to that
point is something that may take some doing. You as an Aquarius
may find that the Taurus’s mellow approach to everything is a little
bit stifling to that very head-in-the-clouds feeling you have about
things. He is very stuck in his ways whereas you embody change.
Some astrologers have said that this is the ultimate match in
business matters, but it can also be true of a long-term
relationship. That may seem weird, because you may feel like the
two of you just don’t have a whole lot in common - however, the
one thing that you do have is the strong desire to succeed. That is
where the strength in this pairing lies.
You might find that your relationship is a rocky one at times and
that you’re fighting like cats and dogs! You are both opinionated
and strong in those opinions. Your reactions to the things you feel
passionate about can be quite problematic. Your Taurus man,
when he does get angry, will bull-headedly push the issue. You,
on the other hand may want to pull back and reflect - he could
perceive that as you not caring, and then things get tense. The
best way to handle this is to give each other space when things
are a little rough and then talk them out openly.
Though you as an Aquarius might sometimes feel like the Taurus
man is a little bit of a stick-in-the-mud- if you draw on that within
you which seeks out something more stable, you’ll realize this
steadfastness of his is a good thing. You can also help to pull him
out of his shell a bit, and get him to try new things if you appeal to
his love of tangible, physical pleasures.
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Aquarius’s lesson for Taurus is that sometimes, everything staying
the same isn’t a good thing. You, as an Aquarius, have a natural
gift for going with the flow and this can be a tremendously positive
thing for the Taurus man to learn. If the two of you do everything
in the spirit of a love for one another and respect, you’ll find these
lessons are easily learned and you both can be happier longterm.
Taurus and Pisces
As a Pisces, you probably have quite a lot more to offer a Taurus
man than you realize–but rest assured, whether he shows it or
not, he knows that you do. Remember, this is a man who feels
like he deserves the best and nothing less. So if you’ve caught
his eye, there must be something about you.
These signs are a fantastic pairing because you both have such
interesting but differing approaches to life. He’ll be more practical
and grounded, whereas Pisces tends to be more impressionable.
Because Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Taurus by Venus, you’ll
find the connection feels almost a little intoxicating at times.
Venus and Neptune paired have such intense, feminine sorts of
idealistic dreams, thinking, and feeling, and it can make a 
wonderful energy between the two of you. The only problem with
this is if you are over-idealizing and putting each other up on
those pedestals! Remember, such heights you lift one another
to make for an awfully long fall back down.
You’ll find that he’s pretty effective at helping to ground you and
develop the skills you need to make those dreams of yours a 
reality - though, at times, you might find him to be a bit stifling.
That’s good, though, because in return for the grounding effect
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he’s got on you, you can teach him to be more open about his
feelings and to be more mindful and understanding.
If you can work with him to help him understand how your
processes work–emotionally, and with the goals you have - he
can be a tremendous support to you. On his end of things, talking
him through those dreams you chase will excite him about the
end result as well.
Having a Taurus man on your side means no matter how hard it
may be, he will work to see that the things you want and need are
a reality. It’s just getting him to that point first that’s a bit hard,
because as a Pisces, you really aren’t as assertive as others may
be. His demeanor might challenge and change that in you–in a 
good way, if you let it.
Though the two of you have very different ways of feeling and
expressing emotions, these things can complement your
personalities quite well. You will find that this can be a much
longer-term relationship if you work with understanding that the
way he feels things differs a great deal from how you do. That
does not mean he doesn’t feel them. You may be able to help him
learn to convey those things that stay neatly below the surface
over time and, in doing so, help forge a strong bond of trust.

Jak ukrást srdce muže Býka
Myslím, že jsme všichni viděli nádherné obrázky a slyšeli
příběhy těch párů, které se zdály být spolu
navždy. Ten starší pár, který vidíte, ruku v ruce v parku
nebo kdekoli jinde – a zdají se k sobě tak něžní, tak vřelí
a tak starostliví. Můžete si představit, že jsou spolu tak dlouho
, že instinktivně vědí, co si jeden o druhém myslí a co cítí,
a můžete je slyšet, jak si navzájem domlouvají věty.
Pochopení toho, že toto je v srdci to, po čem muž Býk
touží, vám může hodně pomoci porozumět mu.
I když všichni sníme o tom, že najdeme tu dlouhodobou lásku a zůstaneme
v lásce je těžké vědět, kam vztahy povedou, a často
si klademe těžké otázky. Bude
druhé rande? Požádá mě o ruku? Bude to všechno , v co
jsem kdy doufal, že by to mohlo být?
Někdy muži Býci nechápou, že takové
starosti mají tendenci ukrást radost, která v daném
okamžiku existuje. Tyto malé okamžiky, kterých jsme svědky v párech,
které spolu byly dlouhodobě – vznikají v průběhu let a 
někdy i desetiletí okamžiků, které jsou všechny spojeny dohromady, aby vytvořily
trvalou radost.
Trpělivost je rozhodně ctnost
I když může být zpočátku velmi frustrující snaha získat jeho pozornost,
o to víc čeká, až se rozhodne, že jsi ta pravá. Jakmile
se tam ale dostane, nebudete se muset bát, že by vás
podvedl nebo vás vytáhl – loajalita je rozhodně jednou z 
jejich největších předností. Jakmile se rozhodne, že jsi pro
něj ta pravá – je to.
Protože muži Býci mají neuvěřitelně hlubokou úctu k 
závazku, bude neúnavně pracovat na tom, aby vám pomohl nejen vybudovat
vztah s vámi, ale také mu pomohl růst a nadále být tím
nejlepším, jaký může být. Vztahy jsou pro muže Býka důležité,
protože přinášejí blízkost a soulad v životě
, po kterém touží.
Samozřejmě, ze začátku to bude trochu matoucí a nejasné
, protože ve skutečnosti nejsou těmi, kteří by své náklonnosti dávali na lehkou váhu – ani se nijak
zvlášť nezajímají o sexy na jednu noc nebo plytké záležitosti.
Jakmile se pro vás rozhodl, je zamčený a přesně
to samé bude očekávat od vás. Jakákoli nevěra a zjistíte, že vztah
skončí mnohem, mnohem rychleji, než začal. I když se nemusí
někoho snadno vzdát jen kvůli maličkostem, nevěra je
pro něj velká věc a ani náznak toho nebude brát na lehkou váhu.
Pomalost není vždy špatná věc
Zatímco emocionální projevy a slova mohou být pomalé, stejně tak
je to i s tím, jak fyzicky miluje. Muž Býk bude chtít vzít
jeho čas s náklonností, ne nutně tím, že ho dává, ale spíše tím, jak
je dán. Tito muži ovládaní Venuší bývají v 
dlouhém pomalém škádlení nejlepší a mají z toho radost.
Protože je velmi rád, že si pomalu dává na čas nejen svádět,
ale také milovat, předehra je nutností. Nejen to, ale budete
muset dát každý kousek, jak dostanete – i když říká, že vás
nepotřebuje. Věř mi; jen se tam snaží hrát odtažitého samce.
Chce, abyste ho rozmazlovali přesně stejnou měrou, jako on
Existují však mnohem horší věci, které je třeba mít na paměti, že?
Nic jako ta sexy, smyslná smyčka zpětné vazby – a myslím, že v ní
tento případ, tohle je jeden okamžik, kdy vás jeho pomalost rozhodně nebude
frustrovat. No, každopádně ne moc dlouho. Jako malá
nápověda pro ložnici zde, pokud máte chuť se nechat létat s občasným
vášnivým sténáním, znamením nebo kňučením – udělejte to. Muži Býci nemilují
nic víc, než když jsou stimulovány všechny jejich smysly, a 
nic je nerozpálí víc než slyšet, jak se někdo nechává
jít s potěšením, které inspirovali!
Buďte konzistentní
Jistě, existují muži, kteří prostě zbožňují
nepředvídatelnost, která někdy může ze vztahů přijít. Váš
muž Býk není jedním z nich.
Chce vždy vědět, co může očekávat; ať už v jeho životě,
kariéře nebo milostném životě. Jeho cíle se téměř nevyhnutelně budou soustřeďovat
kolem stavby domova, s tou jedinou pravou láskou a obecně s tím,
aby byl život hezký a pohodlný. Na těchto koncích bude velmi tvrdě pracovat
a bude očekávat, že to uděláte přímo po jeho boku. Takže
když spolu budete jen chodit, bude sledovat známky, které
mu ukazují, že jste přesně ten partner, kterého potřebuje.

Pět klíčů k pokroku ve vztahu s mužem Býka
Zahoďte očekávání
Toto se často snáze řekne, než udělá. Každý chce tu procházku
uličkou s mužem Býka, to se může stát. Může se to
však stát pouze tehdy, když najdete způsob, jak zakořenit svůj vztah v 
pochopení, že existují neočekávané křižovatky, volby
a blaženost, které leží v chaosu našeho každodenního života. Pomozte
svému muži Býkovi pochopit to tím, že mu ukážete, že ve
chvíli, kdy jste s ním a realita, tady a teď, je
stejně krásná jako jakýkoli fantastický sen o budoucnosti, který můžete
Dopřejte si jeden druhého
I když je pravda, možná zjistíte, že naše každodenní životy často
znesnadňují chvíli o samotě jeden na jednoho, odložte telefony,
přestaňte se starat o ostatní věci ve vašem životě a buďte prostě
spolu. Ať už je to malý Netflix a Chill, jen si užíváte
konverzaci o něčem, co máte oba rádi, posloucháte jeden
druhého, chodíte na procházku, koupete se spolu, ať už je to cokoli,
ujistěte se, že ví, že je pro vás v tu chvíli prioritou
bez rozptylování.
Pomozte mu naučit se adaptovat
muži Býka mohou být ve svých rutinách trochu přísní – a to
není vždy dobré. To, že mu pomůžete uvolnit se a naučit se užívat si
věci tak, jak přicházejí, nebo brát věci tak, jak přicházejí, mu to ukáže
že mu nabízíte bezpečnou podporu, kterou hledal. Pokud máte
ideální plán, jak věci mají jít, vyhoďte ho a místo toho
začněte rozvíjet svou vlastní přizpůsobivost. Zjistíte, že
potřebuje více osobního vedení? Získejte moje VIP (pouze pro členy) astrologické konzultace zde.
můžete ve skutečnosti vyjít z této komfortní zóny – a svým příkladem se
dokonce naučit být rádi s proudem a nemuset dělat stále
stejné věci. Přijetí společné cesty je
vším a pomůže vám oběma naučit se milovat v daný okamžik.
Udělejte z každého společného dne oslavu
Vím, že se všichni těšíme na věci, jako je Valentýn, naše
narozeniny a výročí. Tyto speciální termíny nám často pomáhají
přemýšlet o tom, jak jsme výjimeční a jak výjimeční jsou ti, které milujeme.
Ale co kdybych ti řekl, že to můžeš dělat každý den? Proč
bys to neudělal?
Býčí způsob věcí je oceňování věcí, jako je krása
a měkkost, a ocenění lásky, kterou máte. Věří ,
že to musí být každodenní věc.
Pokud máte jednoho z těch mužů Býka, kteří jako by na ta schůzka vždy
zapomínali, možná je načase pochopit, že protože
si vás opravdu po celou dobu váží, někdy zapomíná,
jak velký problém tyto události mohou být. Více než to, když
budete aktivně pracovat na tom, abyste se ujistili, že každý den spolu
otevřeně vyjadřujete své uznání a cit pro
něj, pak se s programem pustí včas.
Buď trpělivý. Muž Býk je notoricky pomalý při jednání s těmito
druhy věcí, ale pokud mu vyjádříte, jak
je pro vás něco takového důležité, a zrcadlíte to, co byste rádi, aby se v 
něm odráželo, růst bude pozoruhodný.
Procvičujte si odpuštění
Tohle je pro Býky těžké, protože mají tendenci držet se
věcí, které je zranily. Abyste mu však pomohli naučit se
opustit tyto zášti, musíte udělat totéž sami.
Nemá smysl se spokojit se vzorem zášti a 
přebýváním v minulosti, protože držení minulých chyb
vám oběma jen ublíží.
Protože samec Býka nemá tendenci se vzdávat a žije v 
rutině, může se snadno stát vzorem, pokud jej neporušíte. Jakmile
to uděláte, bude vás také následovat, ale může to chvíli trvat. Nebojte se
; jakmile se do toho pustí, bude pracovat stejně tvrdě na tom, aby se vzdal bolesti, jako
všechno ostatní.

Rychlý a špinavý na mužích Býka
Nyní, když to uzavíráme, chci, abyste se na chvíli zamysleli
nad symbolikou v „Býkovi“. Představujete si, že vidíte zelené pastviny
s tímto klidným velkookým zvířetem, které se pohodlně pase.
A nepohne se. Ani náhodou. Mohli byste volat a volat od plotu a 
ukazovat, že tráva je na vaší straně zelenější, jak chcete – ale
on je rád, že je tam, kde byl, s tím, co už ví, že je
stálý přísun věcí, které ho baví, a vy můžete klidně brát
to všechno svým způsobem jako samozřejmost.
Ale je tu i druhá stránka věci. Pokud jste někdy viděli
běhy býků v Pamploně nebo býčí zápasy, pak víte, že to není
zvíře, které by bylo vždy tak mírné. Spíše naštěstí těch
události jsou vzácné; jak pro skutečné býky, tak pro lidi, kteří kopou
muže Býka.
Zvažte však něco jiného a dobře to zvažte, než si
představíte, že je to nejlepší způsob, jak vidět oheň a vášeň. To opravdu ne.
Protože stejně jako ti, kteří schválně rozhněvají skutečné Býky, vy budete
mít hněv, uteče a zapomene, že s 
vámi kdy měl něco společného. Takže se za každou cenu vyhněte hrám. Vězte, že existuje jeho stránka
, kterou často nevyvolává – ale když to udělá, je to
něco divokého.
Pochopte - váš muž je ve skutečnosti bohyně
To může být zvláštní způsob, jak o tom přemýšlet, ale muži (a
ženy) Býci jsou konečnými archetypy bohyně Země. Mají tendenci
být monogamní. Jsou tak smyslní, jak jen mohou, zemití, původní
a silní. Mohou se však také stát zcela stoickými a 
apatickými, pokud nejsou uspokojeny jejich potřeby.
Rádi vědí, kam věci jdou, protože dostat je
do pohybu je těžké – ale jakmile se pohnou, jsou cílevědomí
a vážní. Také se nezastaví. Pokud změníte cíle,
možná zjistíte, že váš Býk začne přemýšlet, jak moc jste loajální
. To je problematické, protože věří, že
někoho mají. Ne nutně tak, jak jsem vás varoval v 
předchozí kapitole – ale celoživotní závazek k odpovědnosti
pro blaho druhého člověka. Očekávají to na oplátku.
Jednou z největších nevýhod, kterou vám každý Býk řekne – pokud
je někdy přimějete otevřít se této úrovni zranitelnosti – je, že opravdu
cítí, že je to závazek na celý život.
To znamená, že v jejich srdcích není napsaná žádná úniková klauzule. Někdy se to může projevit
tak, že Býk zůstane ve vztahu, který mu ve skutečnosti ubližuje,
částečně kvůli tomu, že je uzavřen v zóně pohodlí, částečně kvůli tomu
, že se nechtějí vzdát. Jindy se to však projeví jako
téměř potřebný druh přilnavosti, který mnohé hodně odradí, pokud
si neuvědomují, proč k takovému chování dochází.
Musíte být schopni pomoci muži Býka pochopit toto dávání
milostná křídla je nejlepší způsob, jak vědět, že je to správná věc. Jakmile
pochopí, že láska má být osvobozující, že potřebují
dát svým partnerům prostor k dýchání, pak jsou téměř
dokonalými partnery pro dlouhodobé vztahy. Chce to čas, než se to
naučí, a chce to hodně kompromisů a cviku, ale stojí to
za námahu.
Tito muži se nebudou pohybovat příliš rychle a ve skutečnosti nedělají
celou tu víru romantiky. Prostě to není jejich cesta, a pokud je to to, v 
co doufáte, možná budete chtít najít jiné znamení. Zkuste
Berana nebo Štíra.
Upřímně řečeno, musíte pochopit, že vaše trpělivost je
u muže Býka dobře odměněna. Chtějí mít o věcech jistotu –
to je vše, co dělají, a dlouhé, vleklé námluvy jsou téměř
Užij si to! Dovolte mu, aby se o vás staral a rozmazloval vás, a na
oplátku udělejte totéž pro něj. Některé věci jsou prostě příliš dobré na to, abychom
je uspěchali, a tohle je skvělý způsob, jak vybudovat důvěru, kterou oba potřebujete pro
zdravý vztah.

Býci , co dělat a co nedělat na prvním rande
Jedna věc, kterou vám mohu říct z frustrující zkušenosti s 
mužem Býka, je, že nejsou tím nejpřesnějším typem. Ani nejsou
nakloněni k tomu, aby něco udělali okamžitě. Pokud si chcete
ušetřit bolesti hlavy, naplánujte si toto datum
předem alespoň o několik dní.
Stejně tak nebuďte nestálí. Pokud si zarezervujete rande s mužem z Býka,
určitě se dostavte. Nemohou vydržet, aby se postavili, a 
zrušení na poslední chvíli je obvykle trochu odbočka.
Když procházíte svůj šatník, abyste přemýšleli, co si na 
to rande vzít na sebe, nejprve se ujistěte, že víte, kde je místo konání. Vy
Ukažte se v hedvábných šatech na výlet a tento praktický muž
vás pravděpodobně nebude brát moc vážně. Nicméně, pokud je to něco
méně outdoorového a přemýšlíte: "Mám
s tím být sexy?"
Přemýšlejte o tom, co jim jde. Pokud je to příjemné na dotek, pravděpodobně se mu to bude
líbit. Pokud je příliš sexy nebo příliš okázalý, nemusí to
být jeho šálek čaje, ale pokud je na dotek příjemný, je to pravděpodobně
dobrá volba.
Jak mluvit Býk
Muži Býci mají tendenci fixovat se na minulost. Ať už jde o historii nebo jejich
vlastní životy, prostě je baví dívat se zpět. Nostalgie je pro ně velká
věc, někdy tím nejhorším způsobem. Můžete nebo můžete
neslyšíte o bývalých, ale určitě uslyšíte o jejich minulosti.
To, že mluví o svých bývalých, mimochodem, v žádném případě neznamená, že stále
zamilovaný. To je přesně to, co dělají, a často to může být mnohem růžovější
, když to řekne, než to ve skutečnosti bylo. Pokud mluví o 
negativnějších aspektech svých předchozích vztahů – dejte si pozor! Varuje
tě. Dbejte toho varování.
Je to muž, kterému se bude líbit, když mu vyprávíte o 
své minulosti. Svého ex příliš nepřemýšlejte, ale
sem tam mu nějaká anekdota asi vadit nebude. Co ho však bude bavit,
jsou příběhy o vaší rodině, vašem dětství a vašem
zkušenosti. Kromě toho
osloví věci, které považujete za fascinující, zejména pokud se týkají historie.
Muži Býci ve vztazích
Zjistíte, že váš muž Býk má něco společného s Dr. Jekyllem a panem
Hydem. Někdy to může být neuvěřitelně matoucí. Bude to
velmi smyslný typ, ale také velmi opatrný muž, který
se nepohybuje rychle. Jakmile se však rozhodne, co chce,
zjistíte, že ho nic nezastaví a je to velmi,
velmi odlišná osoba než ten opatrný muž, kterého jste znali v 
prvních měsících.
Začínáme se svým mužem Býkem
Pokud jste v seznamovacím rituálu s Býkem nováčkem – vítejte. Připoutejte se. Tohle je
bude to pro tebe zvláštní jízda. Může se zdát, že věci bere tak
pomalu, že si myslíte, že ho to nezajímá – ale nevzdávejte to, pokud
stále přichází.
Bude to brát velmi pomalu, když vám dá vědět, jak se cítí,
protože si chce být jistý, že jeho pocity jsou skutečné, ale víc
než to, že jsou vaše. Výsledkem toho je, že když říká
, že s vámi chce oddaný vztah, opravdu to myslí vážně.
Potřebujete více osobního vedení? Získejte moje VIP (pouze pro členy) astrologické konzultace zde.
Nyní existují dva typy mužů Býka, pokud jde o 
intimitu. První – no, může klidně skočit do postele hned od začátku
. Milují svůj sex, všichni. S tímto ne
zaměňte smyslnost s intimitou – ocitnete se v potížích s 
touto intimitou. Pokud to myslí vážně, budete to vědět, protože vám řekne:
a pokud ještě ne, neznamená to, že nebude, nebo že
vás jen využívá. Znovu, pokud se vrátíte zpět k předchozí kapitole, existují
způsoby, jak rozpoznat rozdíl od mužů Býka. Jakmile tento kód odemknete
, je snadné jej zjistit.
Druhý typ bude brát fyzickou intimitu mysl otupující,
frustrující pomalu. To je také dobrá věc, protože pro něj se
ujišťuje, že jde o pevný emocionální vztah, než se
fyzicky spojí.
Od přátelství k romantice
Lidé, kteří se ve skutečnosti přátelili s mužem Býka
zatímco si hozen pro smyčku. Pokaždé. Protože se podíváte na 
vše výše uvedené a pomyslíte si: "Dobře, mohlo by to jít pomalu." Jde ale o 
to, že v jeho mysli už vy dva dokazujete svůj vzájemný
závazek na úrovni přátelství po dlouhou dobu.
Z tohoto důvodu téměř vždy doporučuji, abyste
nejprve přijali přátelství bez očekávání. Pokud bylo přátelství
pevné, zjistíte, že jeho přechod z přítele na milence je tak
rychlý, že se vám z toho zatočí hlava!
Jak to může být
muži Býci bývají o něco sentimentálnější než váš průměrný
Joe. Milují vše tradiční a budou chtít vědět
všechno o vás, pokud jste upoutali jejich pozornost. Pravděpodobně
se vás bude ptát na vaše dětství, vaše systémy víry, vaše
myšlenky a nápady na mnoho věcí – pokud to občas
vypadá trochu jako rozhovor, je to proto, že to tak je.
To je dobrá věc.
Možná je také tak trochu přísavník historie a nostalgie, takže
je to něco, co můžete použít k tomu, abyste ho oslovili také. Vše
, co mu připomene dobré časy, věci, které obdivuje, šťastné
vzpomínky, ocení.
Musíte pochopit, že váš muž Býk bude obecně
rodinným mužem. Pokud zjistíte, že se cítíte jako vy
jste na druhém místě za jeho matkou, otcem nebo jinými příbuznými,
pravděpodobně jste vy. Na chvíli to bude normou, dokud nebude spokojený
, že rozumíte a respektujete jeho závazek vůči nim. To
samozřejmě nebude platit o muži Býkovi, který se rozešel se
svou rodinou – ale je to něco, co stojí za zmínku. Snažte se
nebát; jakmile na vás přijde řada, bude
s vámi velmi rád vytvářet nové rodinné tradice.
Další věc, kterou je třeba pochopit, je, že pro muže Býka
není jeho domovem ve skutečnosti jeho hrad. Je to spíš jeho doupě, jeho útočiště před
světem a kde se schovává. Pokud vás tam také chce schovat
– je to skvělé znamení. Je to také silné afrodiziakum.
Není ničeho, co by si muž Býk všimnul a ocenil víc než
pohodlné, čisté a příjemně vonící prostředí spojené s 
domácím jídlem.
Dlouhodobá láska a muž Býk
Finanční stabilita a rodina jsou dvě věci, kterých si muž Býk
velmi cení. Tyto věci jsou často propojeny, ale pro něj
jsou vnitřně propojeny jako součást jeho celkového bytí. Jsou
nesmírně motivujícími faktory v tom, jak věci dělá, a v jeho
celkových dlouhodobých cílech. Pokud se vám na chvíli zdá, že je tak trochu šťouravý
, můžete se zamyslet nad tím, čím šetří peníze.
pro a na čem pracuje. Tyto věci jsou pro něj důležité
a měly by být důležité i pro vás. Není levný;
je chytrý.
Odhodlání je pro zamilovaného muže Býka klíčové, a když dojde ke
konfliktu, pokusí se věci vyřešit. I když hraní her je
téměř jisté, že se oheň vypne, cokoliv jiného a on bude velmi
tvrdě pracovat, aby se pokusil vyléčit rozbitý vztah. Zjistíte, že když se
rozejdete, není to tak jednoduché, jako to ukončit. Když dojde k 
problémům, bude se i nadále snažit na věcech pracovat, jak jen
může, dokud už prostě nebude moci.
Mnoho lidí, kteří měli vztah s muži Býka, vám
řekne, že téměř nikdy nedochází k rozchodu. Může existovat
více než jeden před čistou přestávkou. Takže pokud
se vám to stane, neztrácejte odvahu, ale zavazujte se, že
tyto problémy vyřešíte.
Jak dostat toho Býka do postele
kuchař pro něj. Nedělám si legraci; to bude fungovat téměř pokaždé.
No, když jsi v tom dobrý, tak to půjde. Pokud ho pozvete na 
večeři při svíčkách do čistého a pohodlného domova, jídlo je skvělé a 
vy máte na sobě něco, po čem může přejet rukama, a nějakou
příjemnou vůni – uděláte to skvěle. Stejně jako v, vypáčit ho z nohy
pomocí páčidla úrovně skvělé.
To, co uvaříte, bude do značné míry záviset na samotném muži. Oceňují
tradičnější jízdné; bonusové body, pokud je to „Gramma's
recept". Pokud náhodou znáte jeho rodinné recepty, v jakémkoli pruhu,
uvidíte mnohem, mnohem asertivnější stránku tohoto normálně
učenlivého, pasivního muže. Opravdu nedoporučuji dělat haggis, pokud
je Skot, ale je to tak. (Stěží někdo má rád
haggis!) Pokud v 
rozhovoru zmínil recept, který se mu obzvlášť líbí, jeho příprava je pro něj vždy výhra.
Tady je další věc;
na tom prvním rande se to pravděpodobně nestane . Jak jsem řekl dříve; pokud náhodou dostanete jednoho z těch sexuálně
shovívavých mužů Býka, může, ale obvykle ne.
Možná se vás však dotýká natolik, že potřebujete nachlazení
sprcha po faktu. To je právě to, co dělají. Užijte si
mazlení, protože jen velmi málo znamení je na tom lépe než
To je důležitý bod, který je třeba zvážit, protože pokud jste trochu
sexuálně agresivní, nemusí na to dobře reagovat. Pokud
své svádění zpomalíte, ustálíte a budete smyslné, může to být
dobrý způsob, jak být věrný své vlastní touze, ale také oslovit jeho
Jací jsou v posteli?
Na tohle neexistuje žádná skutečná odpověď, protože každý muž je
jiný, znamení stranou. Obecně však platí, že milovníci Býka jsou
pomalí, rozvážní a je tam hodně dojetí. Jsou to
mistři škádlení – i když to tak obvykle nemíní.
Prostě si užívají náskok. Ale více se o svém
Býku v posteli dozvíte v mé knize o sextologii.

Dát to všechno dohromady
Pokud rozumíte planetě, která ovládá vašeho samce Býka, budete
mílovými kroky napřed. Venuše představuje
milence jako mýtus – archetyp.
Najít milence, kterému může věřit, je pro něj stejně důležité jako to, aby
mu ten milenec věřil. Může to být ta nejtrpělivější, nejjemnější a nejčestnější
duše, jakou jste kdy poznali, a někdo, kdo je zakotven v realitě –
ale velkou slabinou tohoto silného muže je skutečnost, že bez
emoční stability prostě nebude moc šťastný. .
Důvod, proč se nezamilují jen tak do někoho, nebo velmi rychle,
je ten, že si chtějí s věcmi dát čas. Chtějí si
užít každý krok. Být schopen dvořit se milence,
být schopen rozdmýchávat ohně očekávání; tyto věci jsou
pro muže Býka zábavné, ale více než to, jsou ochranným opatřením
, které mu pomáhá ujistit se, že jeho pocity jsou skutečné a že ty vaše
I když si možná myslíte, že není z těch, kdo riskují, mýlili byste se.
Hodně by riskoval, kdyby si byl jistý tím, jak se cítí – a neexistuje
větší kompliment než muž Býka, který pro
vás vyšel z údu a ukázal své srdce.
Jakmile je s vámi, zjistíte, že má sklony projevovat
hodně náklonnosti a jeho smyslnost může skutečně prorazit. Baví
ho rozmazlovat své partnery a to bývá bodem pýchy –
když to nedokáže, stává se trochu zasmušilým a může upadnout do
vlastně depresivní epizody.
Býk se zarytou hrdostí je velmi smutná věc a 
často to může způsobit, že se uchýlí k hrdému: „To všechno mě nezajímá
. Potřebujete více osobního vedení? Získejte moje VIP (pouze pro členy) astrologické konzultace zde.
tak jako tak.“ ale je to hodně rozruch. Pokud ho uklidníte, může
to trochu pomoci, ale dokud nebude zpět v pozici, kdy může dělat věci
po svém, může být trochu nabručený.
Jedna věc, kterou byste si měli zapamatovat – a to je pro
něj důležité – všechny jeho vztahy budou mít pravděpodobně nějaký základní
praktický základ. Je pravděpodobné, že vás nevyužívá, i když někdy
může trochu předběhnout a může to tak vypadat.
Udělejte si čas na vyjasnění. Muži Býci jsou notoricky ambiciózní
, jakmile se rozběhnou, a obvykle nejlépe fungují v podpůrné
roli, když má partnerka kariéru, kterou miluje. Protože
jsou to lidé velmi hmatatelní, jsou šikovní a postarají se o to, aby se
věci dařily všemi možnými prostředky.
Pokud si však myslíte, že jakmile se vy dva vezmete
, bude to všechno blaženost a spokojenost navždy a navždy, můžete být v 
mírném šoku. Muž Býk se dokáže rozzlobit, stejně jako kdokoli
jiný. Někdy se to může zdát horší než ostatním lidem – protože
když máte jako svého chlapa silně klidnou, zdánlivě zenovou postavu
a on se naštve, dojde k ohňostroji.
Co může proměnit jeho stojaté vody v rozbouřené moře? Oh –
žárlivost. Existuje důvod, proč jsem opakovaně zdůrazňoval
, aby váš Býk nežárlil. Protože to není
dobrá věc. Existuje několik známek, pro které je žárlivost druh
afrodiziaka – ale pro Býka to tak úplně není.
Pro něj spíše bohužel, když miluje, vlastní. Jak
jsem také zmínil, existuje určitá úroveň toho, co je zdravé – ale
existuje úroveň toho, co není. Chce vaši naprostou loajalitu
– a on vám ji dá na oplátku.
Další z nejnáročnějších faktorů pro milování svého Býka
muž je, že mají tendenci být poněkud shovívaví – a velmi,
velmi tvrdohlaví. Jsou to určitě ty typy, které si uříznou
nos, aby jim odporovaly obličej – i když jim to říká hodně štěstí.
Je legrační, jak se nám zdá jednoduché, že jsou – i když ve skutečnosti to
mohou být jedni z nejkomplikovanějších mužů, se kterými jste kdy byli.
Celkově však většina mužů Býků bude stát za ty
potíže. Pokud hledáte vztah založený na loajalitě,
přátelství, vřelosti a vášni, zjistíte, že mají všechno to a 
ještě něco.
Teď vím, že vztahy nejdou vždy podle plánu, a 
proto to není vše, o co se s vámi musím o Býkovi podělit.
muž. Pokud jste ho měli a ztratili jste ho, ať už je důvod jakýkoli,
může existovat způsob, jak napravit váš rozpadlý vztah, a tajemství, jak toho dosáhnout, můžete najít
v mé bonusové knize Jak získat
zpět muže Býka.
Toto, spolu s dalšími speciálními bonusovými knihami obsaženými v 
sérii Tajemství muže Býka, vám pomůže ještě více se sladit se svým vlastním mužem Býkem a poskytne vám znalosti a 
nástroje, které potřebujete, abyste zvládli vše, co se ve vašem
vztahu objeví. .
Přeji vám vše nejlepší v životě a lásce a vždy rád
slyším od svých čtenářů, takže prosím, nikdy neváhejte a kontaktujte mě, pokud
máte otázky ohledně věcí, které jsme nepokryli.

Na co čekáte? Vydejte se a vytvořte si
vztah, o kterém jste vždy snili, se svým mužem Býkem