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Learn All About How A Cancer Woman
And a Taurus Man Really Match...
Are you a Cancer woman looking to snatch a Taurus man's heart
away? Yes, there is a way to make him fall head over heels in love
with you, and it's simpler than you think. Boost your astrological
compatibility and have him see you as "The One". Here's how the
two of you work together and how you can "click" like destiny.
Is your Taurus man’s distance confusing you, as a
Cancer woman?
This may have seemed like a love match for the ages, at first- after all,
you are both big time homebodies and you both love the simpler
things. Loyal and dedicated, both of your signs are known to be very
warm and caring. Considerate and sensitive, both signs are also
known for being somewhat doting in relationships- so, what on earth
could have possibly gone wrong here?
The Truth About Your Taurus Man’s aloofness with
You have no doubt read here and there that for a Taurus man, a
Cancer woman is an almost perfect match- and this is absolutely true.
You can be one of those couples that just makes everyone around you
green with envy over the sweetness of your love. So why is it that
when you’re out in public he seems so distant? Why is it that he pulled
You both share this really romantic outlook in your lives- and you both
want nothing more than emotional and material security. You’re both
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fully capable of providing that for one another and some of the longest
standing relationships I’ve ever seen have been with a Taurus man
and a Cancer woman.
You may know by now that he’s loving and kind, and this is something
you have been looking for in a man.
You are gentle, loyal, and ever the nurturer- so, if you’ve read up on
what a Taurus man wants: you know that’s it in a nutshell. You two
actually could have an incredibly stable, loving household together
and the happily ever after you both seek.
He’s stubborn. He resists change. He goes from over the top loving
and romantic- to this weird sort of cold front silent treatment.
He might act a little weird, jealousy even though you cannot figure out
why- of course, you’d never, ever cheat on him: and yet, why is he
being this way? This jealousy and possessiveness is one of the
hallmark traits of a Taurus man and it can often be the biggest area
they shoot themselves in the foot, Cancer. Even a whiff of what seems
to him to be a betrayal- and he may back off fast and far!
He may perceive your emotional shifts as being very unsettling, as
well- he may worry about the way you’re being, he may be a little put
off and there are ways around this that do not involve watering
yourself down, Cancer! Once you are able to find that balance
between your two signs: you will find very few men who can help to
soothe your moods like he can and you may be able to bring out the
deep, intense feelings he often tries to stifle and is uncomfortable with
in himself.
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Before we go into this, here are the things you need to
know about your Taurus man, as a Cancer woman- I
go into all of this more deeply in my book, Taurus Man
Secrets, but: here’s a brief overview of...
The Top 5 Taurus Man Dealbreakers:
1. Pushiness. Though you’re not typically “pushy” per se- he may
find that at times, your need outweighs his ability to give, Cancer.
In such cases, he may distance himself quite a bit to catch his
bearings- and you might panic. You might try to send him text
after text: don’t do that. If you have, it’s okay- just stop right now
and I’ll tell you how to fix the issue and bridge the gap a little
later on.
2. Not knowing you care. This one is typically not a problem for
you, though if you’ve been hurt, you may be hesitant to convey
your feelings. Don’t be. They do tend to be safe with Taurus.
3. Being confused about how you feel. This is one area where a
Taurus man and a Cancer woman- well, it gets tricky. He loves it
when you are affectionate yet may back off when you mention
love. At the same time, if you seem too aloof, he’ll get confused,
afraid and may back off as well. Find a balance between the two.
4. Mind games. You have to be absolutely careful about passive
aggressive remarks and otherwise with a Taurus. They really
hate that sort of thing and what you may not really mean- may
mean everything to him.
5. Emotional Superiority. Though yes, it is entirely likely you
express yourself a lot more than he does- that does not mean he
doesn’t feel, Cancer. Never ever accuse a Taurus of having “no
feelings”. There are gentle ways of bringing them out, and you
are just the woman to do it!
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If you have inadvertently already done any of these things- don’t
panic! I can help you course correct and get back on track with your
Taurus man.
So how can I help you understand your Taurus?
Astrology encompasses so much more than just “He’s a Taurus” and
“I’m a Cancer”. Those are the Sun Signs- and you’ve got plenty of
other planetary aspects within your chart that make up who you are
and what you do. So does he. You may have heard of Moon signs or
Rising signs- but there’s even more at play than that, too. In addition
to this, there are specialized charts for your relationship, even!
If you’d like a more direct look at your Taurus man, please, go ahead
and contact me when you read your copy of Taurus Man Secrets.
My name is Anna Kovach and I have been an astrologer working with
couples for years- countless woman, just like yourself who have been
confused by Taurus men. As a professional astrologer, I strive to give
you not only the most comprehensive look at the inner workings of
your partner- but, how your own unique strengths and weaknesses
impact the relationship. There’s a lot to learn about ourselves- and
about others, and astrology gives us the roadmap we need to do
exactly that!
Cancer, use your strengths to navigate your Taurus
Man’s mind and heart!
As a Cancer woman, you are deeply caring and romantic- you offer a
lot of emotional support and encouragement: which the Taurus man
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craves. When you fall in love- you go big or you go home: you like to
make sure that not only your partner knows, but often, everyone else
around you! You’re not really into one night stands or the superficialand what you want from others is emotional security: you want to
know your feelings are safe and a Taurus man certainly has the
potential to be just the man for you.
You are also a highly sensitive, sensual and creative person and your
intuition is just dead on the money- most of the time. You can
intuitively sense whenever something isn’t going well but...on
occasion, your doubts may cloud that judgement, particularly when
you get into how Taurus seems to just shut down! When this happens,
you may be inclined to shut down a bit yourself- or even worse: you
might brood and get moody, which is often hard for a Taurus to
Instead of allowing yourself to shift moods suddenly and throw him off
balance: understand that when he shuts down, it’s typically because
he needs time to process whatever it is he’s feeling. You see, Taurus
men are not as in touch with their feelings as a Cancer woman and it
can often be difficult for them to face them. Good or bad, if the feelings
are strong, a Taurus may distance himself or shut down because he
just needs to figure out where he stands. You need to draw on those
big reserves of patience you have and not assume that this distance
means you’ve done anything wrong! It probably does not.
The very best thing that you can do, as a Cancer woman to better
understand and relate to your Taurus man is to allow him that space
without being clingy. If he’s taking it, he needs it and he isn’t going to
stay gone for long if he realizes how stable and loving the relationship
can be- a lot of the time: he’s really not running from you or freaking
out but rather, he’s taking into account everything you have been
through together or the experiences he’s had with you, to determine
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whether or not you’re a safe bet. More often than not, you as a Cancer
woman, well- yes, that would be you on all fronts.
Taurus man and Cancer Woman in the Bedroom
He is one of the more lust driven signs of the zodiac- which can be a
bit confusing for you, as you are lusty, sure, but there’s usually a lot of
emotion behind it. For him, sex can be emotional- but it can also just
be really great sex. He’s a very passionate and intense loversensitive, sensual, and you may read that as being an expression of
his feelings whereas it may not be, just yet. If you can hang in there
and show him the stability he craves- it may get there.
He isn’t really the type to play with your emotions but he does take
things very much on the surface- so, if he hasn’t explicitly said so, do
not assume his sensuality means a whole lot just yet. It isn’t that he’s
using you, either: Taurus men are notorious for taking their time in
actually building trust but, sometimes get caught up in that whole “in
love” feeling. Taking it from simply “in love” to loving- that will take
some time and will be something that you need a specific declaration
of from him.
He is ruled by the Planet of Love- Venus, though this is also the planet
of romance and sensuality. He’s more simple about his romancing
than others- he’s looking for a best friend and a wife, more often than
not: so he probably won’t say things he doesn’t mean, though he can
be a bit on the indulgent side when it comes to sex and nice things.
The two of you should have no troubles in the bedroom as you are
both very much into the same sorts of sensual delights. As long as you
just enjoy yourself, there should be no issue there between you- but
again, be very careful not to allow yourself to be tricked into thinking
sex means love for him! In time it most definitely can but he can be
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quite the player at times if he hasn’t decided to settle down just yetso, being clear on what he’s after and what he’s offering will help you
a great deal there.
Your biggest challenge as a Cancer woman with a
Taurus man
Though he enjoys affection and romance- he isn’t one that cares a
whole lot for being smothered, Cancer. You are very into lavishing
your love all over your partners, all of the time. He prefers those sort
of things to be very private for the most part- and both of you are
incredibly trustworthy: but you both can be quite insulted if that trust is
You have a tendency towards pessimism which causes you to be a bit
possessive, too. This is something you’d think he’d understand as he
can be this way, as well but all too often, what’s good for this gooseisn’t good for the gander. Allowing yourself to meet him halfway here
will help a great deal in preventing him from veering into the jealous
cold shoulder- but also, prevent you from pushing him away by
making him feel you do not trust him.
Both of you may need to work on the possessiveness issue- as both
of you can sometimes be a bit on the over the top side with that. Yours
tends to express itself in a much more positive fashion than his doesand this is another thing to be careful of: if you spoil him too much and
act as though you want nothing in return: that may be what you get!
Maintain some healthy boundaries and make sure that you are both
on the same page and that he is reciprocating. All too often a Taurus
man may think that it’s okay to kick back and be spoiled, leaving his
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Cancer woman wanting and confused! This doesn’t have to happen,
however, and can certainly be avoided.
Because you have a strong tendency to worry a lot, his at times,
thoughtless behavior may get the better of you. You both love that
security- except, he’s just not as mindful as you are, and often, this
manifests in situations where you may not be clear on how he feels
because his actions seem to say he doesn’t. Again, though Taurus
men are prone to showing how they feel in their actions- when it
comes to forgetting things or thoughtlessness, it’s hard to take that
one on face value with them. They do tend towards being a bit prideful
when called on this: so gentle reminders usually do the trick as
opposed to nagging.
With a Taurus man the best communication is the simplest. Though
you may feel like you should fully illustrate your feelings using your
words- this can often be very confusing to him and even intimidating.
Just keep things very simple and plain- and always, always, always
say what you mean and try to avoid ever speaking out of your anger
or frustration!
Taurus man as a Fixed, Earth Sign, Cancer woman as
a Cardinal, Water sign
I talk about this a great deal more in my book, but, here’s the low
down on your elements and modalities.
Though his Earth is the opposite of your Water- this is actually a highly
compatible pairing that can be a way of knowing there’s more to life
than just stability. Both carry a need for pure, loyal love and though the
concept of unconditional love is a bit perplexing to an Earth sign- it’s
highly appealing. With the elements, this is only one small part of the
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overall picture of compatibility between you, but, generally, your
element, Water, works very well with his element, Earth.
It goes a step further into modalities. You may not know this, but your
sign’s modality is Cardinal, whereas your Taurus man’s is Fixed. This
is where a bit of a problem comes in as you lead through kindness
and love whereas he’s not likely to budge. If you see that there is a
problem, you are inclined, usually, to try and change it- even if he sees
a problem, sometimes, he won’t do anything about it and this can be
VERY frustrating!
What you MUST remember about Taurus men, as a
Cancer Woman
Though you do have a tendency towards pessimism, you shouldn’t
allow this to cause you to panic too much when he’s distant, Cancer.
This relationship has got everything it takes to be a long term, stable
relationship that has a lot of shared ideals between the two of you.
This not only makes for a strong relationship- but a powerful
friendship, as well.
When you get to the guts of this, you will find that the fact that you
both crave security matters a great deal here. You’ll find that you
balance one another out very well and of course, though from time to
time there will be clashes due to your emotional intensity: he can
understand where you’re coming from very well when you do talk
about it plainly and clearly with him.
You may find that you two do not go out a whole lot together. You’re
pretty private and so is he- though he may be a bit more reticent in
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terms of showing affection publicly than you are. This is simply
because he’s a traditionalist at heart and something that can change
as time goes on. You’ll find though that, when the doors are closed,
the affection is most certainly there!
Now, if you find yourself getting that famous Taurus cold shoulder,
Cancer woman- here’s what you need to do while you’re pulling back
and allowing him some time
For now, ask yourself these questions:
● Are things actually going as well as you thought or are you only
seeing what you want to? In the case of a Cancer and Taurus
pairing- sometimes, this isn’t pessimistic at all but rather, you
may move a bit more quickly emotionally than he does. Don’t get
ahead of yourself or him with your feelings and you should be
just fine.
● Before he dropped out of touch, what were the things he tried to
tell you? You may have misread some of the things he saidowing to his keeping such expressions as simple as possible.
● Have you been unclear with him about the level of commitment
you felt you had or that you wanted? If you were intimidated or
nervous about broaching the subject- he may just not know
where he stands or where you stand, Cancer.
● HOW have you communicated with him so far? If you were
engaging in a little emotional projection- he might not have cared
much for that. He is someone who says what’s on his mind- not
always what’s on his heart, though it’s there and if you made
some assumptions, this may be what’s hanging you up.
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Final Thoughts...
I think at heart, there’s a tendency in all of us to want to connect well
with others. For you, Cancer, this is the utmost important thing. It just
so happens that this is also the way that a Taurus man feelingsthough to you, it may really not seem that way at times.
He may be clouded by fear- and you may be, too: often we put up a lot
of walls due to our past hurts and with a Taurus, those are very
prideful walls- whereas, with you, they may be more doubtful, more
worrying. When we know more, we can allow ourselves to feel more
fully- but, how can you know more?
Through Astrology!
This begins with you- your own natal chart and what it has to say
about how you have been hurt, and how you’ve handled it. This will
also reveal a lot about your own internal workings that may be at playeither causing problems or providing strengths for you. From there,
you would want to look at his natal chart, which will tell you all the
same things about him but also offer a wonderful inside look at why he
does what he does, and how he relates.
Your journey is just getting started- so, be patient with your Taurus
man, Cancer woman. He’ll come around. In the meantime, however,
you can get a jump start on better understanding him by ordering
your copy of my Taurus Man Secrets series. Just click the "Add To
Cart" button at the bottom of the page, after you complete checkout,
you'll receive instant access.
This page turner will help you to get to the heart of everything Taurus
and you can go from there, with all the questions you’re too nervous to
ask him- answered for you!
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I truly you hope enjoy this little peak into what's going on in a
Taurus man's mind, heart and soul.
Thousands of women have taken their love to the next level
thanks to my advice.
It's your turn now. You are here for a reason. This is no accident.
If you're SERIOUS this Taurus guy and making your relationship work,
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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,
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